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Yesterday I got the chance to help Jason Shull sort out the treasure from his recent picking trip.  There are all sorts of strategies in this hobby and I think Shull has mastered the art of finding people.  He literally made a trip to the Calumet TOR into an episode of American Pickers visiting a dozen or more people along the way up and back.
Vintage Scout Memorabilia Up First In The HF
I love seeing things recycled back into the hobby.  eBay helps a lot with that these days.  However, a lot of people are just sitting on stuff that nobody in the family wants.  If someone like Jason Shull can do the homework and buy this stuff for a good price then it gets saved from the dumpster when they pass.

Order of the Arrow Auctions Live on eBay
I actually saw several things that I didn't know existed.  One was a generic OA jacket patch that he told me was used in his local lodge.  He believe it predates the generic OA jacket patch that features the Indian head from the 1960s and 70s that we are all familiar with.  Have any of you seen this one before?

Scouting Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
For my part I've got a another box waiting for me at the UPS store that I will pick up late today.  This one is very exciting because I have no idea what's in it but it comes from a former lodge chief and Vigil Honor brother who is now in his 60s.  Similarly he doesn't have anybody in the family who cares about this stuff so he's selling it to me so it can go back into the hobby. Sounds like there will be an unboxing video live tomorrow! 

Patchblanket.com Santeeswapper eBay Store
As I get ready to push off for camp in a few days I've got over 14k items in my eBay store.  I have things all lined up with my employee to take care of the shipping while I'm gone. 

I have to visit the Scout Shop on Thursday and spend some money on "women's cut" scout clothes.  We had some drama when my daughter tried on my vintage Oscar de la Renta shorts in getting ready for summer camp.  There weren't quite tears but let's just say those aren't cool for a teenage girl.  So wish me luck as I try and convince her the world will not come to an end wearing official Scout shorts this summer.

Yours in Scouting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC

In Charlotte, North Carolina I have an antique mall booth that is filled with nothing but Scouting stuff.  I call this location my clearance center because I've marked down everything to move.  A lot of what you will find there are items that are too bulky to easily ship from an Internet store.  The booth is located in The Sleepy Poet which is a well established antique mall on South Blvd in Charlotte.  The mall is open 7-days/week year round.  So the next time you are in the area come check it out.