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Sunday Morning 
October 18, 2020
I am a little late with getting the Hot Finds published today.  On my wife's orders we went to a tile store this morning to get pricing for a bathroom remodel. It was a wonderful store but after 2 hours my head hurt.  So I'm recuperating at home with a fresh cub of coffee and putting the finishing touches on today's issue.
This Weekend Is Loaded With Auction
I read this week about the launch by another collector of an eBay alternative called BoyScoutAuctions.com.  As perhaps the self named king of eBay alternatives over the last decade I can say good luck as I've been down that road.  For those of you that remember listityourselfauctions.com to any number of other attempts I've made to go around eBay. 

Order of the Arrow Auctions Up For Bids
I can honestly say the only platform that is comparable to eBay is Facebook.  There are 17k members in the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group.  On days when I have time to deal with all the messages I can post things there (usually random stuff) and sell it with a better than 50% sell through rate. Nothing I have ever tried comes close. 
Auctions Are The Hot Finds Secret Sauce
I told someone recently that I always wanted to be like Chris Jensen and have this big off eBay store.  But it turns out I just never did get enough velocity to keep the new items coming and the traffic going to the store. So more power to this new venture and I hope he can be successful.  I can honestly say with all my inventory in one single eBay store I'm very happy with sales.  Now that eBay has eliminated the listing fee I plan to keep growing my store to 50K items and beyond.

 Patchblanket Santeeswapper eBay Store
A good example of me embracing eBay even more is my wall-to-wall auction strategy.  I have auctions starting and ending every night of the week and Sunday is the big finale.  Tonight on eBay I have 97 JSPs and 29 OA flaps and issues ending.   
So just to be clear I do still maintain my own eBay alternative at ScoutPatchHQ.com. The infrastructure is there so that if I want to list some special stuff and skip eBay's 12% fees I can do that.  In fact on that store right now you can find more than 20k items for sale.  But I know that week over week it's eBay where the eyeballs are.  There is no better feeling than to be working in the yard on a Saturday and getting that notification on my phone of another sale.  In my book that's worth paying a small fee for the traffic.
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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