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Friday Morning Edition
January 25, 2019

Last night our Scouts BSA troop had a shake down meeting going over some of the basics.  They covered the troop leadership structure and had a good old fashioned knot relay.  We had right around 2-dozen Scouts in attendance so it's looking to be a strong group with a lot of high school age girls too.
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Tonight my family has some racing to do.  As in it's time for the pinewood derby at our pack.  With 100 Cubs I can only say thank goodness we have an electronic timer on the track and a fancy computer software that tracks everything.  I think each cub gets to run in 4 races which is still going to be a lot of heats.
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Patrick stepped up this year and really did all the work on his car.  I don't think so far I got but a few rubs of sand paper on it.  Today I am going to attach the wheels and put the final coat of paint before we bring it in for check-in.
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I hope that everyone at the Dallas TOR is has a good show.  I've seen some pictures posted on Facebook that suggest there will be some good stuff in the room.  I've started getting ready for Indy next weekend.  I'm leaving town Thursday which is unfortunate as our troop has a meeting and a BBQ fundraiser we are supporting that weekend but when your hobby is your business you have to go make money.
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It took me a lot longer than I would have thought to get back in the flow of having live auctions but there are 37 up and running now almost all of them from the Georgia OA collection I'm selling.
I have updated the TOR calendar to reflect more shows happening in the late spring of this year.  As always if you see one I don't have please send the flier to me in an email.
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
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