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TUESDAY MORNING EDITION - September 10, 2019
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How many of you have to play mind games with your spouse to get a TOR on the family calendar?  If your wife says you can't have things planned on 3 consecutive weekends does that mean like in the future let's avoid that or does that mean no you can't do that this time?  I'm trying to get to the Columbus, OH Trade-O-Ree in October. I think I got the OK but I'm afraid to ask definitively.
Vintage Scouting Memorabilia On eBay
I have started auctions on the unique OA collection that I got in.  The plan is to run about 5-dozen auctions per week on 7-day runs until I get through the entire thing.  This collection has a lot of modern rare issues like Elangomat, Dance Team, LEC along with a little vintage stuff.

Order of the Arrow Top Selling Auctions
Sunday I did a camp promotion for a local troop.  The SM was talking me up as a big memorabilia dealer.  Then one of the leaders heckled me a little and said did you bring us some free patches?  Man I guess I need to be more prepared!  I didn't even have one of last summer's camp patches on me.
7-Day Auctions On Some Neat OA Pieces

Scouting Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
I have two more TOR sponsors lined up to do phone interviews this week.  These quick promotions are my way to help spread the word and get more people to attend local TORs that are the lifeblood of our hobby.  You can always find these on my website in the TOR category.

Patchblanket eBay Store Santeeswapper
Be the end of the day I will have added another 200+ items to my shopify store.  I will never forget the honest feedback I got that if you don't put new stuff up nobody will keep coming back to visit.
My new employee is working out great.  She is almost through listing a new box of OA onto one of my accounts.  This particular collection has about a dozen boxes of flaps that I've been sitting on for about 3 years.  If I can get her trained and productivity up I can see getting my OApatch eBay store up to 10k listings by the end of 2019 which is my goal.
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Hot Finds Newsletter

In Charlotte, North Carolina I have an antique mall booth that is filled with nothing but Scouting stuff.  I call this location my clearance center because I've marked down everything to move.  A lot of what you will find there are items that are too bulky to easily ship from an Internet store.  The booth is located in The Sleepy Poet which is a well established antique mall on South Blvd in Charlotte.  The mall is open 7-days/week year round.  So the next time you are in the area come check it out.