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Friday Morning Edition
Mar. 27, 2020

Earlier this morning I sent a reminder to about 1,000 collectors that I have on a separate email list letting them know that with this weekend's Charlotte TOR postponed all is not lost.  We are planning on holding the event on a new date in the early fall about 6 months from now.  We just need to get on the church calendar first before publicizing the new date.  
Vintage eBay Scout Auctions This Weekend
Yesterday I was on a conference call regarding summer camp for over an hour.  At this point with it still a couple of months away we are planning on holding camp but also talking about what precautions we can take to improve hygiene and advanced medical screening.  When life does go back to normal it may look a little different after this crisis. 

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If you are an eBay seller they are trying to help you out.  One new policy is they will defer eBay fees for 30 days.  This seems like just not paying your credit card bill for a month so that's a bad plan for me.  But the other gesture is to give store subscribers 50k free listings.  I don't have any way in the world to create a bunch more but at least I can get some of mine for free where I am over the limit of what is "free" in my regular store subscription. 

Auctions Ending Friday & Saturday on eBay
In my county we are under a shelter at home order.  Being the largest county in the state we have the highest number of cases so along with schools being closed this should limit community spread.  Good thing I have an online business and not a store front so the show can go on.

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As of today I will 100% moved in an mostly organized at my new warehouse.  I am going to turn in my keys at the old place and close that chapter.  Both of my employees are coming in and we have over 100 orders to ship out so it's going to be a very busy Friday! 
I have not had time to go through and delete TORs from the calendar below that have been cancelled.  I would assume all the April shows are but please reach out the TOR organizer before you make plans to attend any of these that are coming up soon.
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC


Click to pull up the fliers for Trade-O-Rees that I have fliers on.  Please contact the sponsors in order to see more details.  If you see a TOR that is not listed please email me and let me know.  Likewise I'm always looking to add more shows so send me the fliers as you get them. You can always find the Trade-O-Ree calendar on scoutpatchcollectors.com