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Friday Morning Edition
May 26, 2017

This slide show picture might be hard to make out but I found it on Facebook this morning.  It is reportedly from the Chief Scout Execs presentation in FL showing that the BSA is planning to create a path for girls to become Cub Scouts.  I've heard this rumor for several weeks if not months but seeing it on the big screen still feels powerful.
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As most of the readers know I've had a foot in both Scouting worlds as a parent and leader.  For four years I served as a Girl Scout troop leader working with Brownie - Junior and Cadette aged girls with my daughters troops.  One of the things I kinda bragged about (in this newsletter) was that I got the girls camping.  In fact I found out that my old troop won an outdoor skills challenge this spring at a large Girl Scout event for the Raleigh council. 
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I don't know what the plan is on a timetable or how it will be implemented.  I've placed 2 calls this morning to friends that I believe are in Orlando at the National Meeting with no calls back yet.  I'm sure there are some readers who will embrace this change and others that see it as something much worse.  For my part as a den leader with a rising Wolf Cub son I guess I'm going to be right in the thick of it.
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I overheard our cubmaster say at our recent pack graduation that we would probably be adding the Lions program (kindergarten Cub Scouts) partly because if we didn't then neighboring packs might get an advantage in recruiting.  If they started kids at K (Lions) and we didn't start until 1st grade (Tigers) we might slowly lose families.  So what happens when Pack X opens up female dens?  Kinda the same philosophy it would seem to me.
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I have had a very good run this week with eBay auctions that came from recent collection purchases.  One of my goals is to no longer pile up boxes in the garage but rather to quickly process and put out for sale new things that come in.
I have a quick turn around on my next blind trade.  This one is focused on Boy Scout camp patches.  You can send in up to 100 patches to get them turned around into all different.  All of us probably have been to the camp trading post and bought last years patches real cheap.  Now is your chance to turn those stacks of dupes into all different.  
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