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Friday Morning Edition
Apr. 3, 2020

I think a few people have taken my suggestions about organizing their collections to heart.  I've had two orders this week where collectors ordered 3 of the patch portfolio binders. One went out yesterday to Washington State and this morning an order came in from Alabama.  I hope that maybe next week I'll have things calmed down enough to organize some of my patches too!
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I have not been able to really display my collection since 2014.  That was the year that while hosting the Dixie Fellowship I worked with Darrin Thomas (with help from Russell Smart) to put together a really impressive weekend museum at camp for the conclave. I spent $1k on frames and untold hours.  My video on this project is probably my most popular one on YouTube.

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My system is all based on using Boxware frames to swap out collections.  Now I am settled in a warehouse that has wall space and even a small foyer suitable for putting up a permanent display. This morning I went by Lowes and got some wall hanging gear so I can put the first frames up on the wall later this morning.  When this project is done I should have my complete NC and SC OA collections out for display.

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I have a couple of other collections that need to be organized.  I have a decent OA name/number set.  You won't find any of the killer pieces but as I buy collections I try and pull the ones that are on my needs list.  But this collection has not been organized in probably ten years also and needs some work.  The other fun collection that is totally unorganized is conclave patches from the old 12 regions period that ended in 1972. 

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I'll try and take pictures of all this so the readers can follow along.  Hopefully I'm not the only one of us organizing my stuff.  Please share pictures via email or on Facebook if you are making time to play with your patches while everything is shut down.

I am not attempting to update the TOR calendar at this time.  I figure none of us know what the next month looks like.  Some states have already said there won't be any school for the remainder of the year up through summer.  So again my advice is contact the TOR organizer before you jump in the car.
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC


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