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Friday Morning Edition
Nov. 8, 2019

This weekend I'm going camping with the Webelos on a get to know you trip with our local Troop 133.  The forecast is sunny and very cold for these southern boys dipping below freezing tonight.  I'm excited about getting all my cold weather camping gear out including my infamous campfire blanket!  Now my thing is if you have a campfire capote why would you not wear it on a Boy Scout camping trip?!  My wife gets freaked out when I put this thing on but I think it's like Superman putting on his cape! LOL
Vintage eBay Scout Auctions This Weekend
Last night we had one of the most entertaining lectures I've ever seen a Scoutmaster give.  To prepare for an upcoming back packing trip he did a presentation about cat holes.  The girls got so sidetracked talking about what to do if a Bobcat tried to attack you while your pants were down to your ankles doing the oragutan hang.

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Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
I have a unique collection of OA neckerchiefs that I am now starting to auction off on eBay.  When I did all the sorting in my warehouse these were the ones that I had in various boxes. When combined this group of about 100 total includes some really good ones.  I've had this Tali Taktaki piece and several other tough North Carolina pieces for several years in a box waiting to see the light of day and find a new home.
Bringing Back Another Favorite - Patch Binder

If you are looking for a new way to display your collection then consider the new product I am offering on Best Hobby Pages.  These Patch Portfolio Binder 11" x 17" are ideal for a table top display - allowing you to have the equivalent of 20 frames of display space in a transportable plastic secured binder.
Auctions Ending Friday & Saturday on eBay
This morning a got a phone call from an AOL den leader who wants to bring his son (and hopefully the rest of the bridging over Scouts) to Camp Barstow this summer.  My wife was listening in and when I told the guy I was a volunteer Camp Director she got on me.  She thought I was saying that I didn't get paid to work at camp.  I explained that in Scout language there is a difference between a DE who is assigned to be the camp director and a volunteer who takes on the role.   You would think after twenty years of marriage she would know all this right?!

Patchblanket eBay Santeeswapper Store
I might not make my goal of 10k items by New Years but I'm launching a ton of auctions this month to get my OApatch account built up.  Right now on eBay I have 695 first run auctions with almost all minimum bids below $10.
I flirted with looking at a different warehouse to consider relocating but I haven't gotten a call back from the broker.  My current spot is about a twenty minute drive from home and this new location (although smaller) is cheaper and more like a 5 minute drive.  My lease runs out at the end of March so I will keep an eye out to see if something better pops up.
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC
March 27-28, 2020
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