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Friday Morning Edition
Apr. 17, 2020

Like many of you I never thought in one day I'd have three different video conference calls with three different Scouting focuses.  So yesterday I interviewed folks for camp staff, participated in a National BSA call for summer camp and checked in with my pack leaders.  But these are strange times we are living in!  
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The call regarding summer camps was very helpful and supportive.  I got some great ideas about how to engage my summer camp staff online and even begin doing some required training. The outlook for National Camp School is more challenging but they are offering some courses and also being rigidly flexible regarding waivers.  As for the million dollar question, "will there be summer camp" it is still a wait and see based on what the governors and state health officials say.
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Yesterday I got my mug shelves up on the wall.  By my math I'll be able to display just over 100 mugs so they can collect pounds of dust in my office.  My only hold up now is I need some red felt to use in the display.  It's scary to say but after I finish this project I'm likely to discover I have some mug needs.  Is that even a thing?  

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Something that has been selling pretty well during the Corona stay at home orders is Best Hobby Pages. Turns out lots of people have taken to that long delayed project to organize their collections.  I've sold several of the large format portfolio binders too as people are grouping niche collections into a system that is portable and displays nicely.

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With luck I'll have my first round of auctions start Sunday night after the big move.  I've been working with my employees to scan and list thousands of patches and it looks like the first wave will start Sunday.  Now that I have more space to spread out and organize everything I am already seeing a rise in productivity.
I hope you are getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.  I am trying to do more yard projects including planting a vegetable garden.  The plan this weekend is to finish up which will be a chore!
Have a great weekend,

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