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Sunday Morning 
November 11, 2018
I am getting this email newsletter out super late but I have a good excuse.  I spent the last 24 hours camping with Girl Scout Troop 1250 at Kings Mountain State Park.
This Weekend Is Loaded With Auctions
This was a cool trip partially because it was a place that I had camped at with my troop as a Boy Scout back in the day.  Now living in Charlotte this park is only an hour away.  Today the girls hiked the battlefield trail and earned the patch.  My contribution to the trip included breakfast this morning in the dutch oven.  I made them the famous "mountain man" casserole which was a big hit.  I learned they typically only do pop tarts for breakfast so I might get invited back for the next trip.

Order of the Arrow Auctions Up For Bids
Even with getting back so late there are a couple of hours before my hundreds of live auctions end on eBay.  I've been pretty busy cranking out new listings lately and I've got a few more I'm going to press go on when this newsletter goes live.

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Auctions Are The Hot Finds Secret
I have purchased a merit badge collection last week that I hope will be arriving early this week.  I really didn't get to see close up pictures of what's in there but I think there might be a few needs.  I actively collect insignia although my efforts there are hot and cold.  I don't really seek out individual items on eBay but always have an eye out for them when I'm buying estates and collections.

Patchblanket.com Santeeswapper Store
It was about a year ago that Nathan Kohler and I published A Patch Collectors Guide to Santee Lodge 116. Since then we've received a couple of corrections, found a new fake and otherwise kept up with the new issues.  I think in conjunction with the lodge banquet and TOR in January we will publish our 2019 update.
I am pretty sure the only Scouting commitment I have on the calendar for this week is traveling to Columbia Wednesday for a camping committee meeting.  Since the last meeting we have published the leaders guide, launched our new website, and gotten commitments from some more troops for 2019.              
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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