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Well the PA Collection that I posted a video about is now up for auction on eBay.  What's been kinda interesting is how many different buyers have reached out to me interested in purchasing the t-shirts.  Apparently that is a big niche hobby as well (vintage t-shirts). Does that mean my collection of a few hundred Boy Scout t-shirts from my home council/lodge will be worth something?
Vintage Boy Scout Memorabilia Up First
As some of you might expect I had multiple people send me messages asking me to pull down the t-shirts and do a buy-it-now price.  Boy as a bidder doesn't that drive you crazy when sellers do that - something you are watching or bidding on just disappears.  So I told them thank you for your interest and please consider placing a bid.
Charlotte Trade-O-Ree 80+ Tables Rented
  You can get a copy of the flier if you need more information.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Live on eBay
Last night we held a Pack committee meeting that included a good discussion on the manpower we need to run the TOR.  One of the moms stepped up to help with concessions and we are going to use one of those sign up apps to recruit the rest of our needs for staffing it. Then literally as I'm sitting here finishing this email I get a phone call from a collector in GA asking for 4 tables. That leaves less than 20 tables to go before we have a sell out!
Scouting Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
Last night one of my oldest Scouting friends got on a video chat with me to give me some coaching on my web stuff.  He has a massive online community built around his website PowWows.com and he took a good look at what I'm doing.  Needless to say change is coming!  Nothing too drastic but he gave me a few simple things that I plan to implement here pretty soon.
Patchblanket.com eBay Store Santeeswapper
One of the unboxing videos that I put out recently will see the items from there end at auction tonight on eBay.  Many of the better pieces are from Kiondaga Lodge 422.  
I am going to post an updated Charlotte TOR floor map in the next hour to the Facebook Event page for the show. It will show you roughly which tables are still not spoken for although it's always a work in progress. 

Yours in Scouting,


Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC

Make plans now to attend the return of a tradition that's been missing for too long - the Charlotte TOR.  I'm helping organize the show as a fundraiser for Pack 33 at Sardis Presbyterian Church in Charlotte.  We couldn't have a more supportive host.  The church just celebrated 75 years of Scouting including sponsoring two troops and a pack.  The show is being held in the 8,000+ square foot fellowship hall.  We have ample parking and many amenities in this part of Charlotte.