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Sunday Morning 
December 22, 2019
Despite the fact that I have curtailed my auctions during the holidays I had no problem finding plenty of live listings to give a shout out to in todays issue of the Hot Finds.
This Weekend Is Loaded With Auctions
Monday will be my last day in the office for a while.  My whole crowd is going on a mission trip shortly after Christmas to Guatemala.  We will be putting up solar panels in a rural village up in the mountains.  I'm looking forward to seeing a new country and hoping that it is an eye opening experience for my kids. 

Just Under 3,000 Items Live on eBay
Order of the Arrow Auctions Up For Bids
Friday night I got to spend the evening with my friend Collin in his river cabin.  My son was alarmed to learn there was no electricity in the cabin and that we cooked and ate by candle light. It was fun to go truly off the grid without even cell service reaching that deep in the woods.  Too bad I missed that call from my wife about the car breaking down.  OOPS!

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Auctions Are The Hot Finds Secret Sauce
As I will be out of the country for a week I am lucky that I can rely on my employees to keep the everything shipped out and under control.  The holidays are usually a slow time for store sales anyways but still in today's world people expect their stuff to be shipped promptly! 

Patchblanket Santeeswapper eBay Store
I am running sales in all of my eBay stores to keep the gears oiled while I pull back on auctions.  The sale is for 15% off and you can get it on Santeeswapper, OApatch, or Patchsniper
I will try and catch up on email and questions tomorrow before I pull the plug so to speak for Christmas.  I will have a Tuesday issue so this won't be my last chance to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.       
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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