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Friday Morning Edition
Aug. 21, 2020

Earlier this week I got over 1000 Jamboree shoulder strips launched to my eBay store.  This push finally got me over the 30k live items mark.  I decided against trying to auction any of them (with the 2021 cancelled) and just put them up at fixed price.
Vintage eBay Scout Auctions This Weekend
Sunday I'm meeting with the other dads in my son's Webelos Den to come up with the calendar for our AOL year as 5th graders.  So far the church is still not letting anybody use the property (thanks COVID) so we are going to have to get creative and use the great outdoors.
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Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
I am mailing in an order today to purchase some sets from a 6-patch set that Klahican Lodge 331 is selling commemorating their chapters. It's a good looking set and follows a tradition they have every few years of having a special fundraiser set.  I lived in that council for almost two decades and they have a great program going. Any one is welcome to send an order to check it out!

Auctions Ending Friday & Saturday on eBay
Later today I hope to edit some unboxing videos.  If I'm able to get a new one posted I'll be sure to include it in the Sunday issue of the Hot Finds.  Yesterday I had a really fun conversation with a veteran Scouter who is going to mail me his collection for preview and purchase.  He was very humble about his collection but I always get excited to crack these boxes open and see all the cloth!

Patchblanket eBay Santeeswapper Store
I have 233 auctions up on eBay including some Pacific Northwest items that are going pretty well.  I goofed up and some of these ran as 10-day auctions.  There is no penalty anymore on eBay for choosing that longer duration.  But it's all good they are still up there.
I spent yesterday working from home.  My wife has decided that a couple days of week I will be the stay at home parent and we are trading places.  So sure enough she went to my office and I worked from her desk.  I didn't have too many fires to put out and managed to get a decent amount done.
Have a great weekend,

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