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Friday Morning Edition
November 09, 2018

Wow!  About 2-dozen interested girls plus parents attended a meeting last night for Troop 233 that will be chartering on Feb 1 as one of the first Scouts BSA female troops in Charlotte.  The leadership had been meeting and working on things since last May and the turnout tonight blew everyone away.  There were girls of all ages (6 high schoolers) interested to hear about the new program.
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My daughter was always going last night but we were excited when two of her besties from youth group and church basketball also came.  I think the age range was rising 6th graders through current 9th graders.  The Scoutmaster took the girls outside for about 30 minutes towards the end so the parents could ask some nitty gritty questions.  We got a couple of sharp ones but the COR responded well.

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One of the questions was about Girl Scouts of course.  I jumped in and said that my daughter is going to do both.  In fact we are camping this weekend with her troop at Kings Mountain.  There looked to be about 1/2 dozen girls that intended to do both programs and hopefully earn the highest award from each.

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I had one of those dad moments last night when somebody says something that you never thought about.  For the longest time my standard line about joining the local OA lodge in Charlotte has been "when my son (now a Bear) gets tapped out".  The SM said last night that with a week of summer camp in 2019 and camping trips in the fall and spring some girls would be eligible for OA elections in late spring of 2020.  As much of an OA geek as I am it never occurred to me the timeline that literally my daughter would be eligible to be in the first class of girls inducted.

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I have 266 live auctions on eBay this week thanks to some fresh pieces and a bit of relisting.  Many of these end Sunday night.  My son is sick today (thanks for the 3 AM wake up) so I'll be working from home and hopefully getting some more things up.

We are leaving for the 1-night camping trip tomorrow after lunch.  Kings Mountain is a great trip.  We are camping in a state park and then hiking to the National Battlefield where the girls can hike the historic trail and earn their patch.  This was a the site of a pivotal Revolutionary War battle on the NC/SC border.
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
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