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Sunday Morning
January 29, 2017
Starting off today with Scouting For Food and the Tigers of Den 9.  We had about 200 houses in Charlotte to put bags out yesterday and the plan is next week we will go back around and collect the donated food.  Patrick and I were wearing our matching old school Tiger Cubs sweatshirts.  It's the one year we get to wear our orange and considering I'm not a Clemson fan it's a struggle.  
Vintage Scouting Auctions Live on eBay
This weekend there are a number of good OA pieces and vintage pieces linked in on this opening block.  One recent collection that I got in included a really clean felt flocked Ordeal sash in near mint condition.  I'm going to put that one in my collection.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Looking Good
It might be a sign you are spending too much time on Boy Scout patches when you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about them.  I have a big catalog rack in the garage that I'm going to try and make room for as I put stuff in storage.  My thought is I can empty out several rubbermaid totes full of neckerchiefs and get them on display for TORs.  This is an idea I'm borrowing from Nick Loesch.
Auctions Ending Soon With Bids on eBay
There is one area of collecting that I have totally ignored and probably left a lot of money on the table.  Talking to another collector the other day he said he spent $20k over a few years on eBay buying mostly paper.  Meanwhile in nearly twenty years on eBay I can count on one hand how many books I have auctioned off.  Meanwhile, I'm about to put cases of Scout books in deep storage.  I might just put one up for sale this week to start getting myself on a paper diet.  I've got hundreds of pounds to shed!
Santeeswapper on eBay Patchblanket.com
Over on eBay tonight is going to be a big night for me with dozens of OA auctions ending tonight.  I'd like to get my eBay store over 10k items by the time the Charlotte TOR gets here in 2 months.  
My family popped down to South Carolina with the remainder of the weekend to spend time with family.  We visited my dad's grave after church today and my wife is visiting with her mother in Columbia.  We are circling the wagons and helping everybody get through it. 
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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