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Friday Morning Edition
November 30, 2018

Since Tuesday a lot has happened!  I spent the better part of a day working to improve my website Scoutpatchcollectors.com.  I found a few bugs that made navigation difficult and there were some pages that needed to be fixed.  So today I can share that I'm not only proud to share the improved site but that I'm recording my first podcast interview in about a year!
Vintage eBay Scout Auctions This Weekend
One piece of the puzzle has been I've never had a place where someone could find all 82 episodes of the podcast.  I had individual blog posts built for about 1/2 of the shows but that didn't cut it.  So now I have a dedicated page for Scouting Hot Finds Radio where you can listen to ALL the past episodes!

Auctions Ending Friday & Saturday on eBay
This website is the compilation of 4 other sites that were folded into each other.  In the end that meant I had 34 categories with over 1,500 blog posts going back a decade.  I've now cleaned that up to have just 7 categories.  Yesterday, I shared an interesting post from 6 years ago on Facebook. I'll continue to clean up the archived posts by deleting ones that have no value and share the ones that do.

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Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
Some of those categories are inspirational like "Beginner Resources" and "Girl Scout Memorabilia" where I hope to add new content.  The two that hold the bulk of the archived stuff is "eBay Auction News" and "Scouting Collecting Corner".  You can also find archived versions of this newsletter, my Thread Heads show with Brad England and of course the podcast over there.

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I've got 111 live auctions up a bunch of those closing this weekend.  You will also find the beginning of me selling the Mowogo Lodge 243 part of the big GA OA collection that I am auctioning off.
TORs was also a big part of the rebuild on my website.  I reworked the TOR calendar to get it completely updated.  That calendar is also reflected in the Friday issue of the Hot Finds each week.  The shows listed in Orange links below are new from last week.
Have a great weekend,

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