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Sunday Morning 
May 05, 2019
This weekend I've been playing catch up on the Marvel Universe which culminates in going to see the new Avengers movie with my kids this afternoon.  As a kid who grew up reading and collecting comic books I feel a little ashamed that I have not kept up with the dozen plus Marvel movies that I have not seen.
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Growing up in the 1980s I really wanted to have my own comic book shop.  I had the collecting bug pretty bad and at one time had several dozen long boxes full of comics that I had either purchased from the store or bought out friends when they were ready to sell.  Sound familiar?
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It wasn't until my Junior year of college that I finally started to give up on the comic book habit. You can't have two collections (at least on a college kid budget) and with guys like Matt Delk around putting me onto collecting OA lodges outside my own I made a choice.
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It was also my junior year in college that I finished my home lodge collection.  So rather than stopping I spread out to collect my state and eventually section. For the next twenty years I never slowed down and today have a very solid collection of the classic issues from all the lodges in NC and SC.  But what about the comic books?
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I still have some of the comic books that were my favorites like X-Men and Batman.  However, I did not keep up with the new movies and that's how I found myself this weekend trying to watch movies to get caught up on all the details so I could even comprehend the plot line of this 3-hour long movie that we are seeing this afternoon.
I hope you have a great end to your weekend and if you've already seen the movie I'll be joining that club in a few hours.                 
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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