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Friday Morning Edition
Sept. 4, 2020

This morning I am working on the Hot Finds while my son sits across from me doing online learning.  It is so painful to listen to the teachers trying to lead lessons in a group of 25+ on a zoom.  It doesn't help I am a bit of a jokester and couldn't resist making snarky comments to make my son laugh.  Say a prayer for these teachers because this must be just as painful for them.
Vintage eBay Scout Auctions This Weekend
This week I leveraged Facebook to try and catch up on the last 8 years of camp patches from my home camp. It looks like I last displayed my collection at the 2012 lodge Winter Banquet.  One of my struggles was just finding out what has been issued.  I think with the help of some of the active Scouters and even the SE who responded I have what I need to update my old checklist.
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Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
This is the beginning of my effort to make a PDF book with images of all the camp patches.  Years ago (I meal like 20) I had all this on my original website.  My senior thesis for my BA in History was writing a history of Scouting in the PDAC.  I had tons of help in that effort from Phil Whittle, Mac McLean, Bill Tyson and others.  So now I want to circle back to that work and rebuild those parts of my old site. 

Auctions Ending Friday & Saturday on eBay
So that effort starts today as my family is on vacation for my wife's birthday weekend down at Litchfield Beach, SC.  I always bring a "patch project" to work on when we go on vacation. Instead of dragging tubs of patches (yes I really used to do that) I am going to start building that camp memorabilia book on my computer. 
Patchblanket eBay Santeeswapper Store
This week on eBay I have 284 auctions including a giant batch of conclave patches from all over and a wave of 100+ OA issues ending Sunday. 
I want to thank Tripp Clark for really planting this seed on the camp book idea.  A few months ago he reached out to several collectors and created 1 page on his website that features every Camp Barstow patch ever made.  I recently found a patch that he didn't have included and sent it to him.  I have said repeatedly that the best way to keep the hobby alive and growing is for people to selflessly create checklists, websites, PDFs, books etc as resources to help preserve and share history.  
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
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