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Friday Morning Edition
April 7, 2017

I love doing experiments in the hobby so I've got another one going this week.  Can you do a micro focused blind trade?  One of the grumbles from people about blind trades is you don't get stuff back from your area. So with that in mind this week I launched a CarolinaOA blind trade that is limited to the 2 OA sections that cover the North and South Carolina.  It's a quick turnaround with everything due April 15.  We'll see if it works!?
Vintage eBay Boy Scout Auctions This Weekend
The big news in this issue is that yesterday I published Episode 80 of the podcast and this one features a Top 10 list from Nick Wolf.  The Patch King has been to several Jamborees and offers his advice with a list of patch trading tips.  It's mandatory listening for any first time Scout going this summer.
Auctions ending Friday and Saturday on eBay
Yesterday I had a nice conversation with a guy who was a Scoutmaster at the 1985 National Jamboree and knew Howard Ang personally.  It was a fascinating story to hear how the hat pins exploded at that Jamboree.  Essentially Howard got a lot of the business in 1985 to make contingent patches and had a very easy combo deal where you could also get a pin made of your design.  I think dozens if not hundreds of councils took him up on it as the pins just exploded at that event. I've got a picture here of his Jambo hat which might look a little familiar to any of you that also attended that event.
Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
This same Scouter had the opportunity to get to know Bill Hillcourt and shared a picture with me that I thought was too cool.  In the picture you probably can't make it out but Green Bar Bill is wearing his 5 bead necklace.  The story I was told yesterday shared that the first Wood Badge course director in a country is awarded a 5th bead from the original necklace that Baden Powell used at the beginning of the movement. This picture was taken in Australia at the 1987/88 World Jamboree held there.  It's always funny to see that year but the event straddled New Years so it was extra special being held in the southern hemisphere.
Patch Trading Tips For the 2017 Jamboree
NIck Wolf has a Top 10 list for anybody going to the National Jamboree that wants to do some patch trading.
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I am back in listing mode and just put up 46 fresh auctions last night that are all from the 1997 National Jamboree.  I've got more to work on today although technically it's the beginning of my kid's Spring Break and somebody keeps mentioning this idea of Carowinds.
I will get around to updating the TOR calendar next time and have the new shows that have been listed. 
Have a great weekend,

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