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Friday Morning Edition
December 23, 2016

Coming in 2017 I'm going to bring one of my most requested patch projects out of hibernation - my podcast Scouting Hot Finds Radio.  I got up to episode 73 before I faded out but all the old episodes are still accessible and it won't talk much to turn the key and start back up.  A podcast is like an archived radio talk show that you can listen to whenever you want and often on your smart phone using an app.
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In order to start back up I'm going to switch to a predictable and easy model.  I'm going to record a completely live show on Wednesday nights for about 30 minutes.  This format means other than lining up some guests I can try and eliminate all the editing and extra work that kept this project on the shelf.  The usual podcaster spends three hours in prep and editing for every one hour that you hear of their show.  I'm hoping to greatly reduce that with the live show that is short and sweet.

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The podcasting technology I use allows me to dial in guests and they can just talk on their phones and be live on the show.  That's how I'll get some TOR organizers on to give us the details on their events.  I will also reach out to people in the hobby that have something interesting to share.  Moving towards this summer's National Jamboree there will be a lot of energy in the hobby and I hope to tap into that.
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I've already got a few people lined up to be guests and as long as I can schedule them for that Wednesday night window it should work out fine.  People in the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group can send me questions live and I can feed them to the guest to make it interactive.  I have the ability to even talk live callers dialing into the show but without a call screener that gets a little tricky.
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So look for the return of Scouting Hot Finds Radio on Wednesday night January 5th at 9:00 PM EST.  That might be a tad early for the West Coast people but I have to make a compromise that fits my family schedule.  I'm going to be sending out emails this week to line up my guests for January so if you have an idea for a show send it in and we can get you scheduled.
I also have some other projects that are getting warmed up but as an eBay seller I can't overload my time with all the fun stuff.  Some days I've got to do as Matt Delk calls it and have a List-O-Ree getting new stuff up in the store. 
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
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