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Sunday Morning 
January 27, 2019
it's a little early on the calendar but this morning our church is celebrating Scout Sunday.  My daughter got volunteered (hey it happens in Scouting) for a speaking part at the contemporary service. We will have 4 units represented this morning.  Cub Pack, 2 Boy Scout Troops and the new Scouts BSA girl troop.  All told that count is nearly 200 Scouts in the program. Now if I can get them all to come to the Charlotte TOR.  :)
This Weekend Is Loaded With Auctions
This time next weekend Scouts BSA will be official.  Any timeline of Scouting history will have to include February 1, 2019.  Here is what I've seen so far.  A pinewood derby where the female Cubs built some awesome cars and placed in their age level and in the Pack top 3.  High school age girls (we have two 16-year olds!) who are excited to start the Scouting program as lowly Scouts/Tenderfoots climbing the same trail that I did in the 1980s.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Up For Bids
I have read just about every word written online about the new program.  From the haters to the proponents I value everyone's opinion in a volunteer organization.  My view is from the ground level recruiting families and working with others on the committee.  I can tell you that given a few months to bond and shake out the newness of it all our troop will shine by summer camp.  We have some amazing Scouts ready to start the adventure.
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Auctions Are The Hot Finds Secret
I'll get off my soap box with another phrase I used a lot when describing my old GSUSA troop in Lumberton, NC.  I would tell people it's a myth that Girl Scouts don't like to camp.  My girls go camping all the time and they love it and never miss a trip.  The problem is most Girl Scout troops don't ever give them that opportunity for regular troop camping.  Our new Scouts BSA troop has 1 camping trip per month which to me is the secret sauce of Scouting.
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I have 3 short days to pack for the Indy TOR when the weekends over.  I have to figure out what's best to take with a limited amount of table space.  On another note this afternoon I have a 5 PM video chat on the schedule with Brad England so we can do a post Dallas TOR episode of Thread Heads.  Brad was there and will give a report.
I have started to list the Carolina OA catalog collection on my ScoutpatchHQ store.  So far I've only gotten two of the lodge listed but will get the rest done in the next week or two.  The catalog strategy worked super well with about 30 total presales that eliminated paying fees.             
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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