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Well if there is a silver lining for COVID (it's hard to find one) some down time has allowed my camp to do some major work projects.  I put together a post with about 70 pictures of projects that have been accomplished since March in an update published yesterday.  We are looking forward to the summer of 2021.
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This weekend on Facebook there were some posts sharing images of the 2010 museum that Sam Fairchild organized at  the Centennial Jamboree.  The posts led to discussions about needs, tough issues and memories of the event.  This reminded me that I need to do devote some time to my displays which has been a very hot and cold project. 

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In case you missed it Ryan Losonsky has made several videos on YouTube that share his passion for displaying and sharing Scouting memorabilia. He has a traveling museum which is my goal as well so I was able to get some new ideas from watching this series. 
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One of the things that I think is important about any Scout display is that it can't just be all patches in a frame.  With no context the Scouts and Scouters will not be able to really learn from the display.  Think about going to a real museum and how there is always that helpful paragraph or more of text that give the explanation and prompt some new questions. 

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This week on eBay I have 200 auctions including OA conclaves and a neat collection of rubber and metal flaps.  These unique issues were kind of a fad that only some lodges decided to go with.  Often the metal flaps in particular were expensive to make and are not easy to get. 

There are still some TORs that have not been cancelled.  In Tampa Florida there is a TOR September 18-19 at Camp Soule. That same weekend the Atlanta TOR is  taking place at the council office.  I applaud these organizers for finding a way to hold their events during the pandemic.  I will try and share others as I confirm which ones are cancelled.  I did get an email from Dave Muira sharing that the Northern CA TOR is cancelled.
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Hot Finds Newsletter

In Charlotte, North Carolina I have an antique mall booth that is filled with nothing but Scouting stuff.  I call this location my clearance center because I've marked down everything to move.  A lot of what you will find there are items that are too bulky to easily ship from an Internet store.  The booth is located in The Sleepy Poet which is a well established antique mall on South Blvd in Charlotte.  The mall is open 7-days/week year round.  So the next time you are in the area come check it out.