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Friday Morning Edition
May 1, 2020

I was on a call with hundreds of professional staff and Camp Directors yesterday with National BSA.  Today will be interesting!  There is supposed to be some guidance regarding Philmont for this summer coming out May 1.  Overall it looks like a good number of camps are planning to modify their schedules and run reduced weeks later in the summer.  It's not a one-size-fits-all problem so it will be a very local decision with lots of factors for everyone making the call.
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It's a bit ironic that this summer is being disputed as it's a big anniversary for our camp.  We are celebrating 90 years this summer and even have a huge staff reunion planned.  But there have been challenges over the history of the camp including moving when the army expanded Fort Jackson in preparations for WWII.  So are motto will be "Semper Gumby".

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I closed a deal on a really nice OA collection yesterday.  This is one that will be fun to list and scan.  Almost everything in the collection is already identified and in Best Hobby Page envelopes.  I've been playing with ideas on how to sell the collection (video, Facebook posts, good old eBay). 

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I finally got my project wall finished yesterday.  I have four color coded note cards.  Green cards are for unsorted/not listed groups or boxes of patches in the warehouse.  Pink cards are priority collections I have acquired over the last year that need to get listed.  Orange is consignors and yellow are fun projects like getting my mugs on the wall.  I hope this system will help me plan my weeks out and avoid going years without touching some boxes.

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I've got 130 auctions running on patchsniper including some good flaps. At the same time I've got 169 auctions on OApatch with more launching every day. 
This weekend me and the kids are going to take part in the National Camp-In by pitching tents in our backyard.  I think Sophia will be down for S'mores while Patrick loves poking the fire.
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