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Pack 33 is ready for the Charlotte TOR.  We had our Pack meeting last night and I engineered a group photo in front of the banner we have on the busy road in front of the church.  Now just 72 hours from now we will be opening the doors for the first TOR in Charlotte since the late 1990s.
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The other activity I did with all the Cubs last night was a quick talk on the tradition of European style campfire blankets.  If you want to get elementary school age kids excited about Scout patches the thought was let them put on some neat patch blankets and get their picture made.  This snapshot is of one of our Tigers whose dad grew up as a Scout in India.  So I think he can appreciate this tradition and maybe relate to all those district badges.  I had to talk fast because being outside in the spring made these cubs restless.
Charlotte Trade-O-Ree March 31-April 1
You can get a copy of the flier if you need more information.
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The other youth friendly thing we are doing at the TOR is giving away patch notebooks.  Now this might be an idea that some of the other show organizers should think about.  How many of you have bought collections and ended up with 3-ring binders and used album pages?  So we are going to have a station by the registration table where any youth can make a patch notebook with album pages for free before they walk into the show.
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As this is the first show I've helped put on in many years I've tried to throw every idea for promotion out there to see what works.  These road signs are out in front of the church and the Scout hut.  The road is pretty busy with traffic so with the signs out all week hopefully we can get some people to come on in.
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My to-do list this week is very long so my goal today is to stay off of social media and not respond to every email that comes up on the smart phone.  I've got two solid days to finish prepping stuff for my tables so I can hopefully turn over some inventory.
Looking ahead at the calendar Easter is on April 1 next year so I don't think we can hold this event on the same weekend. Big thanks to the decision 17 centuries ago by the Council of Nicaea to base the date of Easter on the moon cycles.  So we are leaning towards April 6-7 for the event next year.  That's going to be one of the survey questions to the table renters who are supporting the show.

Yours in Scouting,

Jason Spangler
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Make plans now to attend the return of a tradition that's been missing for too long - the Charlotte TOR.  I'm helping organize the show as a fundraiser for Pack 33 at Sardis Presbyterian Church in Charlotte.  We couldn't have a more supportive host.  The church just celebrated 75 years of Scouting including sponsoring two troops and a pack.  The show is being held in the 8,000+ square foot fellowship hall.  We have ample parking and many amenities in this part of Charlotte.