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I am starting to get excited about the NOAC coming up this July/August in Bloomington, Indiana.  It has been a long 3 years since the 2015 NOAC and this one will maybe be 1/2 the size of that event.  Still any year there is a national Scouting event their is going to be patch trading.
Vintage Scout Memorabilia Up First In The HF
Since I don't really collect new stuff a NOAC is an opportunity for me to do some fun 1:1 patch trading. I am sitting on tons of patches and the chance to turn them into something new and fresh is something I look forward to.  There is a chance after a summer at camp I'll finally convince my daughter to come along for her first trip to one of these TORs and events. I am going to be a visitor for the conference partially because delegate slots were so tight this year for adults.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Live on eBay
So far I think the world record for this NOAC is a lodge that made 15 2-piece sets.  Did I mention I don't collect the new stuff any more?!
Scouting Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
I think I've said this before but let me just restate it because I got a question about this yesterday.  YES my online store will be open this summer while I'm at camp.  I have a long term employee who helps with shipping. She will be making sure everything is mailed out this summer from eBay and Best Hobby Pages.
Patchblanket.com Santeeswapper eBay Store
Next week I'm expecting a pallet load of Best Hobby Pages product to be delivered to the new warehouse. I don't want to run out of any of the items and with the big Pre-NOAC TOR coming up it was time to restock on some things we were getting low on.  I'll be at the show of course with all the BHP supplies.  
This afternoon I'm going to the antique mall to load up the booth for the summer.  I've got boxes of t-shirts, books and cool 3-D pieces to place in there.  I'll try and post photos on Facebook later today to share the progress.

Yours in Scouting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC

In Charlotte, North Carolina I have an antique mall booth that is filled with nothing but Scouting stuff.  I call this location my clearance center because I've marked down everything to move.  A lot of what you will find there are items that are too bulky to easily ship from an Internet store.  The booth is located in The Sleepy Poet which is a well established antique mall on South Blvd in Charlotte.  The mall is open 7-days/week year round.  So the next time you are in the area come check it out.