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Sunday Morning
April 2, 2017
Happy to say that Charlotte TOR was a success.  Being a first time show it was amazing to see the support from the hobby with all the collectors that turned up.  We even had some folks fly in from Missouri to come! My two questions I asked people were did you get some needs and sell some stuff you wanted to move.  Everyone I talked to said they would be back next year.   
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We tried a lot of things to get people to come out to the show.  One of the things I'd like to do is get an email chain going or some other way that TOR organizers can share ideas and improve their events.  I'm no expert but I have a skin in the game and I'm very sympathetic to the responsibility to put on a good event.
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Our pack leadership will get together soon and come up with some after-action ideas to make next years event even better.  I'm going to continue to gather feedback from the attendees and so far we've got a good list started.  Looking ahead save the date for April 6-7 2018.  We have to work around Easter so that looks like the best weekend to host it.
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Another feature we may try to add next year is a silent auction.  Some folks were disappointed we didn't have one this year.  However, we felt like we needed to focus on the core issues the first year.  Hopefully during the year some local folks will give the pack donations and we can add that as a fundraiser for next years event.
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My first month at the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall has closed and I have made back the investment in getting everything moved in.  Renting a Uhaul and spending three days running around is now water under the bridge.  Several folks at the TOR said they had already stopped by and made some purchases.
I want to say a special thanks to Eric Hayden, Nathan Kohler, Chris Jensen and Matt Delk that helped me break down my stuff and get it back to the house.  I brought the kitchen sink sadly didn't sell it all!       

Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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