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It's been a long time coming for Brad England and I to launch the reboot of our patch collecting video show that we call Thread Heads. Yesterday episode #11 went live that features a solo video I recorded at the Columbus, OH TOR.  I was channeling my inner Nick Wolf to be as entertaining as possible.  There is a link for it below and I hope you'll enjoy checking it out.
Vintage Boy Scout Memorabilia Up First
The story behind the video is that I walked up on a feeding frenzy at the TOR when a family decided it was time to have yard sale prices on old Boy Scout stuff.  While others were looking for the good items I was buying tubs full of stuff for pennies on the dollar.  So in the video I promoted the whole concept of why TORs are an essential opportunity in this hobby to find deals that you could never score anywhere else. 
Charlotte Trade-O-Ree 80+ Tables Rented
As of this morning there are only 21 tables remaining for rent. You can check out the floor plan map for the Charlotte TOR at this link.  You can get a copy of the flier if you need more information.
Order of the Arrow Auctions Live on eBay
I do have a tentative guest lined up for this week's edition of the podcast Scouting Hot Finds Radio.  It's actually a Girl Scout collecting guru - Becky Byrns. She is hosting a Girl Scout collectors show in March and has been mentoring me a little as I have taken up collecting Girl Scout memorabilia the last several years.
Thread Heads #11: Trade-O-Ree Feeding Frenzy
Scouting Auctions Ending Soon on eBay
I'm back at it again this week tweeking my strategies.  Wednesday I have a call lined up with a Charlotte web company that may help me design another web platform.  Then later that day I have an appointment to talk to an antique mall owner in Charlotte.  If I'm going to stick with that strategy it's probably time to consolidate my booths down to 1 local mall in Charlotte even if the rents going to sting a little.
Patchblanket.com eBay Store Santeeswapper
This week on eBay you will find a lot of relists looking for one more chance to attract bids before they get sent off to my eBay store at Patchblanket.com.  Later in the week I might do another Facebook Live video to share my idea for getting organized.  I stayed up pretty late last night coming up with a new system. 
I've been staying busy as you can see but when you love what you're doing it's not really work!

Yours in Scouting,


Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC

Make plans now to attend the return of a tradition that's been missing for too long - the Charlotte TOR.  I'm helping organize the show as a fundraiser for Pack 33 at Sardis Presbyterian Church in Charlotte.  We couldn't have a more supportive host.  The church just celebrated 75 years of Scouting including sponsoring two troops and a pack.  The show is being held in the 8,000+ square foot fellowship hall.  We have ample parking and many amenities in this part of Charlotte.