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Friday Morning Edition
December 07, 2018

Later today I'm driving a little over an hour north to attend the Old Hickory Trade-O-Ree.  This is the 25th edition of this event hosted by the Camp Raven Knob Historical Association.  Matt White puts on a good show and I'm looking to see many collectors from the Carolinas, Virginia and other parts in attendance.  For the first time they even made a patch for this event and as a table renter I'm getting one. :)
Vintage eBay Scout Auctions This Weekend
My new series of interviews with TOR sponsors continues in this newsletter.  I interviewed Phil Bethune who is the lodge adviser for Santee 116. They are hosting a TOR the first Saturday of 2019 in conjunction with their Winter Banquet.  I've got the details including links to registration and a floor plan map.
1 Day In Myrtle Beach SC - Tables Available!
Auctions Ending Friday & Saturday on eBay
We have a big winter storm bearing down on the east coast but luckily it's not expected to show up until Saturday PM.  Good thing I have a pick-up truck load of firewood being delivered Saturday morning.  If the power goes out my family will be camping out in the living room!
I have over 150 auctions ending tonight including tons of OA.  This is kinda rare for me to have auctions ending on a Friday but I've started trying to launch listings every day so I can't skip the weekend.
Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
If anybody going to the Old Hickory TOR wants to get in their order for Best Hobby Pages I'm still taking them until noon today with the offer of free shipping and pick up at the show Friday.  You can use the coupon code "pickup" and it will give you free s&h.
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Get The Scoop On The 1st TOR of 2019
Santee Lodge 116 Boy Scout Trade-O-Ree January 5 2019
Santee Lodge 116 Boy Scout Trade-O-Ree January 5 2019
I am in search of more people to interview for my podcast.  I've already been talking to a couple of guys that I'm going to schedule soon.  If you have some ideas for me reach out.  You can find all 83 episodes on my website.
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
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