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Friday Morning Edition
May 19, 2017

This has been a banner week for adding more piles to the Scout stuff I already have in the patch cave in Charlotte.  I got two collections this week. The first filled up the back of a pick up truck and this one I had to go get.  It fit into about 5 large totes with some loose pieces.  YES 1 of those totes is full of mugs and another full of books....NOOOOOO!  My strategy is always to take it all but at some point it's got to stop.  My storage unit is approaching the stage where I can't get past the first layer stacked by the door.
Vintage eBay Boy Scout Auctions This Weekend
What was interesting about this collection is that it was clearly picked by somebody prior to me getting a call from the family.  Even some of the children were surprised at what was left.  North Carolina is a small state when it comes to Boy Scout patches so I probably know the collector who got into it and cleaned out the majority of the stuff before I got the leftovers.  However, the rule in this hobby is you don't leave too many bread crumbs behind when you make a buy.
Auctions ending Friday and Saturday on eBay
One of the thing I was really happy to get in this deal are some nice 3D pieces that will get placed in my antique mall booth next week.  A few things like a beautiful stand up Boy Scout doll I've never seen before.  There is not much in the collection that I want to keep for my self but I'm thinking about a few of the Philmont pieces.
Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
Speaking of collections I've been offering up on eBay the individual pieces of the Kentucky Collection that was featured in the Hot Finds a few weeks ago. I tried selling the whole thing but when that didn't work it was time to piece it out.  I am launching about a dozen auctions each night over the next week to get all that online.
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Santeeswapper eBay Store at Patchblanket.com
I don't usually run 20% off sales on eBay but this weekend I've got my entire 2015 NOAC inventory on sale.  I figure that these pieces are now getting a little age on them so instead of let them sit in my store until 2018 it's time to move them.
I have a quick turn around on my next blind trade.  This one is focused on Boy Scout camp patches.  You can send in up to 100 patches to get them turned around into all different.  All of us probably have been to the camp trading post and bought last years patches real cheap.  Now is your chance to turn those stacks of dupes into all different.  
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