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Friday Morning Edition
Dec. 13, 2019

Let's try this again!  My plan on Sunday is to do a live sale while unboxing a collection that just arrived.   This box holds a 1960s era collection from PA that is heavy on OA.  It's got about 70 items based on the pictures the Scouter sent me before we made a deal on it.  This should be fun!
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Since I started this talk about live sales one of the goals was to combine an unboxing with this new format.  In other words as I pull items out of the box collectors can comment SOLD and buy the item literally out of my hands.  I am not going to state a definitive time for the Sunday sale just yet but hopefully I can give you an update in the Hot Finds that morning.
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Last night my daughter's troop held their winter Court of Honor.  Sophia is hovering at 2nd Class while some of the girls have sprinted ahead and were awarded Star Rank last night.  I am not pushing her because I seem to remember I was a Tenderfoot Scout for about a year back in 1984-85 so it's more about going to all the meetings and events to have fun than being in a race for advancement.

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One more reason why the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group is an amazing resource.  I came across this oldie in a collection and couldn't find anything on it in a casual search online.  I wasn't smart enough to look in the Camp Book II.  But when I posted it in the SPC within minutes I was alerted to the fact that this is a Segregated Scout camp patch.  This is a niche that some serious collectors play in so I'll be sure and reach out to a few of them that I know to get started finding it a new home.
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My mother visited this week and I have to give her a ton of credit.  She said I want to come into work with you and help!  So for three days she worked to strip a collection out of crunchy vinyl pages while preserving the labels that the previous owner had on many of the pages.  She sorted it straight into long white boxes and when she wrapped up the project yesterday she had 14 new boxes for me to scan and list! Thanks mom. :)
The other project I'm working on for my upcoming FB live sales is a 1000+ piece OA flap collection.  This one is going to take a while to get processed and with Christmas and New Years looming I might wait until the new year to debut that group.  This is a pretty typical collection from the 1970s and 80s where the guy had everything numerical by lodge number so my plan is to start at 1 and just plow through. 
Have a great weekend,

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