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Sunday Morning 
May 19, 2019
Dear (Contact First Name),
This weekend my staff got together for our work weekend at Camp Barstow.  The Friday night session was a warm up for all the changes that have taken place in our camp and program since last year.  We have about 20 new faces joining the staff  and they were welcomed by the veterans that are returning.
This Weekend Is Loaded With Auctions
I actually saw patch trading this weekend!  One of the Scouts on staff is the son of one of my contemporaries from back in the day.  His son had some patches spread out including a staff patch from my first summer in 1988.  Looks like I can add patch trading as an evening activity one night!

Order of the Arrow Auctions Up For Bids
The lodge also held a patch auction that I was not able to attend as I was busy meeting with camp leadership.  They had a silent auction going on as well as a pretty well stocked lodge store.
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Auctions Are The Hot Finds Secret Sauce
I rolled out the plan for our summer camp patches to the staff and they were pretty excited about the new look.  We have a  new brand logo for the camp and in this first year we are using it as the base patch to recognize Scouts for completing our program.  All Scouts will have the chance to earn 5 ribbons from 18 different ones offered that will hang on the bottom of this base patch.

Patchblanket Santeeswapper eBay Store
I have 98 auctions live on eBay right now and will be launching more tonight.  Hopefully before I push off for the summer I can come to a stopping point and get more up.

We have 3 weeks before staff week and are in a good spot to increase camp attendance 25% from last year.  That will be a great goal for us to reach as we roll out a new program that we think will be our core piece for years to come.                
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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