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Friday Morning Edition
July 3, 2020

Just for fun I decided to put up a temporary profile picture on Facebook.  My old Scouting friend James Barton from Charleston, SC shared pictures from December 1991 when he was Section Chief of the old SE-5.  At the time I was his Vice Chief and we were preparing for the last Dixie Fellowship that would ever be held at Camp Bob Hardin (Palmetto Council).  Now fast forward to 2020 and that camp has been condemned (flash floods in 2018) and I learned this week they will no longer be calling our conclave the Dixie Fellowship.
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On my wall in the office I have all of the Dixie patches going back to 1947 when it was called Area Z.  Since 1947 many lodges have come and gone from our section with all the realignments.  Only 4 lodges have remained the core group during that time and my home lodge Santee 116 is one of them. It's been a source of pride that since 1952 we have had the most recognizable (and maybe even successful) conclave in the nation.
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However I'm not going to throw a fit about the name change.   I don't particularly like it but it's just a name.  I think about how the BSA evolved over the last 10 years and all the pressure it's facing with the lawsuits and bankruptcy.  So in the grand scheme of things with all the threats that the organization is under from having to cancel camps, closing Philmont again this summer, etc changing the name of a conclave in the Carolinas seems pretty minor.

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It's been thirty years since a Dixie Fellowship patch had a rebel flag on it.  In fact the 1992 Dixie that I referenced above was the first one NOT to have it in the design.  So we moved on from that southern pride theme decades ago.  I really liked the name but its about like Scouts BSA.  It took some getting used to but it's grown on me.  In time there will be a whole generation of teenage Scouts (girls and boys) who won't know we used to call our conclave the Dixie Fellowship back in the day and you know what...that will probably be just fine.

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I am going to put my theories to the test as I run auctions into normally the doldrum months of July and August this year.  I've got 100 CSPs running on ScoutPatchHQ. I have 178 auctions running on Patchsniper including SAPs from many councils. On OApatch you can find 175 auctions on OA issues.
Today I've got the office to myself as my employees figured out today was a holiday and promptly made plans.  So I'm going to spend a good chunk of the day working on bookkeeping.  There is nothing more patriotic to do on the July 4th weekend than getting yourself prepared to pay taxes to the government. 
Have a great weekend,

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