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Friday Morning Edition
July 27, 2018

This might be my craziest ever turn around.  My wife's family decided to plan vacation inbetween the end of camp and NOAC.  So that's given me all of 2-3 hours to pack for the largest TOR in three years.  So if I forget something I guess I'll just have to slap myself.
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I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the TOR Saturday.  I think it will be very late tonight before I get into Bloomington so ya'll don't wait up for me!

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I've got the car slam loaded with Best Hobby Pages and patches.  Unless I hooked up a trailer (idea for next time!) I don't know if I could have squeezed anything else in the car.

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I have just a small collection I'm bringing to set out at my table.  This is one I got from a guy in Virginia several months ago.  Mostly I hope to market BHP at the show and catch up with old friends.

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I expect to have some long nights at NOAC between the patch trading which unlike a Jamboree can stretch into the wee hours.  I've got some friends that have helped orient me as to where the main things are so I should have the lay of the land in not time up in Indiana.
I really hope the Pre-NOAC TOR is a return to the glory days of old.  The attendance at the last couple has been way too light.  Maybe with the great facility Chris will be able to hit a home run on this one. 
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
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