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Sunday Morning 
August 11, 2019

Friday I attached four smaller collections that had come in over the summer that were still sitting in boxes.  I dumped everything out and sorted through what was there.  My bright idea was to try and wholesale some of the items to give others a chance to get them cheap as I have lots of listing projects to tackle. So I thought I'd share those opportunities with the readers of the Hot Finds.
This Weekend Is Loaded With Auctions
Old vintage activity patches are a fun and inexpensive area to play in.  Sometimes you can sell one for $1 or it might go for $5 or more.  I decided to group the combined collections into lots of about 15 patches each and offer them for $20 shipped.  These are numbered Lots 1-10.  If somebody wanted to buy them all I am sure we can work out a discount.

Order of the Arrow Auctions Up For Bids
One of the collections contained 162 council shoulder patches in the plastic pages.  Rather than strip them out and list them individually for sale I decided to just let someone have them all for less than $2 each.  This wholesale lot is still available.  I'm asking $300 for everything in the album and I'll pay the priority mail postage to get it to you. Most of these are 20+ years old based on the other items in the collection that came with it. You get the exact patches shown just as they came to me in the collection.
Got Plastic?  We Do at Best Hobby Pages

Auctions Are The Hot Finds Secret Sauce
I talked to a collector yesterday about this collection.  He is in a tough spot and we discussed consignment as one of the options.  He laughed when he told me that it was all stored in Best Hobby Pages.  That tells me there's some good stuff in there.

Patchblanket Santeeswapper eBay Store
Just an update on my daughter auctioning off her non-keepers from the 2019 WSJ. The first wave of auctions ended last night and the sales totaled over $600.  She has another round to go but won't need to sell too much more before she can have her phone data paid off for the upcoming school year.  Being 15 that's her biggest bill right now!
Speaking of consignment my plan for the rest of August is to dive into the consignments that I already have on the shelf and try and get as much as possible listed and launched.  I rarely do consignment but after being gone this summer I am very behind and I need to focus on that. 
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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