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Friday Morning Edition
April 26, 2019

One of the fun parts of being the Camp Director is you get to make decisions on patches and shirts for summer camp.  I've designed a few patches in my day but getting to put your personal stamp on what everyone is going to wear is both exciting and makes you nervous.  What if they don't like it!?
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I've been working with my graphic artist friend and the patch company to nail down exactly what we need for camp.  With about 6 weeks until campers arrive this is crunch time.  My other curve ball is this summer we are rolling out a new model of program where we have 15 different tracks a Scout can take at camp. My challenge is do you represent those in some reasonable way.

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Another thing we will have in our trading post that might be a little different than other camps is old Scout stuff.  I know a guy who has a little bit too much inventory in his warehouse and he would love to donate it to camp and let them sell it and keep the money.  Uniforms, books, mugs, what better market to sell that then a Scout camp.

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Switching gears has anybody else noticed that with the World Scout Jamboree there will probably be more private issues there than any of us are used to?  Scanning Facebook I keep seeing every Tom, Dick and Harry offering up a homemade fundraiser patch from all corners of the globe.  Here in the USA you can't make a CSP with the words World Jamboree on it.  Some guys from Canada literally made a patch for each of the people going with them.  Yes the patch is individual to each person! 

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My push to get more auctions up has 417 live first run OA flaps and JSPs on eBay right now.  I've also been listing a collection from a few months ago that I advertised as the CarolinaOA collection and sold in a catalog format in January. That mostly includes lodges from SR-5 and is heavy on South Carolina lodges.
This weekend I'm taking my son and daughter along on our Cub Pack's spring camping trip.  Many of my friends are traveling to Camp Bud Shiele for the SR-5 Dixie Fellowship.  However, I'll be headed south to Camp Barstow for our annual pack trip. How ironic is it that the last 2 years we camped at Bud Shiele for that spring trip.
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC


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