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MARCH 2, 2017
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All this week has been about moving into my new antique mall booth in Charlotte NC at The Sleepy Poet.  I am taking two booths and condensing them down to one.  The real fun is retagging everything and that's part of what I'll be doing all day today.  Enjoy today's issue of the newsletter which is loaded as usual with the best live auctions ending soon. 
T op Selling Auctions in the USA Category
Of course you have to click on the iconic Navy divers helmet.  With free shipping from Florida the 13 bids have driven it up over $2k and who knows where it will end in a few days!

Best Live Auctions in WWII Germany on eBay
The really cool Kriegsmarine grouping below is being sold out of Bulgaria. However, the seller has a 100% feedback rating so you might can bid with confidence on that one.
WWII Auctions From Around the World
Having published this newsletter since 2010 you can bet when a fold up paratrooper bicycle comes available I stick it in the Hot Finds. The one ending in a few days has jumped over $1k and is still going.
WWI Auctions Live on eBay & Ending Soon
The elaborate hats of this era are a collecting niche all to their own.  The German/Austrian one pictured below is doing well with about 2-dozen bids so far.
Antique malls are real hit and miss as most of you know.  The one I'm at has over 200 vendors so it's pretty hopping.  Nobody else has the kinda stuff I'm featuring so maybe it will catch on. 

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper


I have been publishing the WWII Hot Finds Newsletter since February 2010 and would like to expand the reach by partnering with some Powersellers in the category.  If you are interested in getting an ad in the email newsletter that would point to your eBay store/listings then shoot me an email.  We can talk about how we can partner to bring you more eyes and hopefully increase your sales.