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December 3, 2020
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Thursday morning and a fresh issue of the Hot Finds to put you right on top of the auctions that are getting bids and ending soon in the big WWII category on eBay.  What better to do during a lock down but scroll eBay and see some really vintage stuff. 
Top Selling Auctions in the USA Category

WWII Auctions From Germany

WWII Auctions From Around the World

WWI Auctions Live on eBay & Ending Soon

This weekend the family is going to the mountains of NC to rent a cabin and visit a Christmas tree farm to pick one out and bring it home.  All that sounds like fun.  The part I don't like as much is dragging all the decorations out of the attic but there is no joy with out a little pain.

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper