Rockford Reformed Church Weekly News
Palm Sunday
Learning From the Kids
Matthew 21:12-17 / Rev. Tim Meendering / 10:00 a.m.
Pre-Service Prayer @ 9:35 (Pastor Tim's Office)

Kids 3 years through 5th grade have been invited to wave palms during "Hosanna". This will take place during the worship service. We will line all kids up downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. Please arrive by 9:50am if you wish to participate!

Kids 3 years through 2rd grade will go back downstairs to their Worship time. 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades will return to their seats in the service.
Sunday School
Immediately following the service until 12:15
Adults - Fireside Room ( classes)
High School - Room 246
Middle School - Youth Room
Children - Fellowship Hall check-in

Gardening Help Needed
We have an opening on the grounds team for the season for someone to plant flowers around the trees by the parking lot and around Entrance B. Simple upkeep of weeding only; watering is already taken care of. Please contact Roger Hoogewind if you are interested (616-401-8631).
Saturday, April 20, 9:30am. Join us for a morning of family fun! Egg hunt on the front lawn for ages infant - 5th grade. Followed by a family pancake breakfast in the gym. more info
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We are currently collecting the following items that can be placed in the missions donation bin in the lobby: cereal, oatmeal, crackers, juice boxes. See the Missions & Outreach section at the end of this email for more urgent needs.
Sunday, May 5, 4pm. Join us in the Sanctuary for a Hymn Sing! This event is for anyone who loves to sing praises to God!
Laura Jolliffe - Office Administrator

Have you ever thought to yourself, why do I have to fill out a connection card each week? Why are we so obsessed with who is here and who isn’t? Church shouldn’t be about numbers, right? Well, here are a few thoughts on why it is important.

1. Once a year RCA churches are required to submit a report that includes various data, one of those being average attendance. It even breaks it down into how many are members, how many are adherents, etc. Having the ushers count heads each Sunday is a starting point, but we can get a more accurate picture if people actually sign in.

2. It helps leadership identify trends, which allows us to better plan on meeting the needs of the congregation. On the practical side, we get an idea of which times of the year people are away on vacation, which dates are the fullest, which have the most visitors, etc. It also helps on a deeper level. Are we reaching new people? Are we losing longtime members? Are we plateauing and only catering to those who are already here? Is there a certain demographic that we seem to be losing/ignoring or attracting/catering to? What can we do better?

3. It helps our elders shepherd more effectively. We have six elders for the entire congregation, and it is unrealistic for them to notice if those under their care are here or not every single week. If someone from their care group has been gone for an extended period of time, they want to know so they can follow up and be sure that they are physically and spiritually well. Accurate worship attendance records assist the elders in being responsive and faithful in their vital ministry.

4. And finally, on a personal level, if there is 100% participation every Sunday (totally achievable, right? right?), it makes my job easier. After I check off names from the connection cards, I go through the list of everyone who COULD be here (over 500!) but isn’t checked off, and try to remember if I actually saw that person on Sunday or not. So if you are trying to fly under the radar by not signing in, I am actually spending more time thinking about you individually than if I just checked your name off from the card. So go ahead, take a few seconds to write your names down each Sunday. Many of you even draw little pictures or write notes to me on them, which always make me smile on a Monday morning!
Karen Bazen, Adult Min. Leader; Kevin Johnson , Men's Min. Leader
Tuesdays, 7-8am, Fellowship Hall. Join us as we gather for coffee, breakfast, a devotional, and prayer.
Tuesdays, 9:30-11am, Room 212. Woman of God - Led by Carol Knox.
Wednesday evening classes will resume in the fall.
Every other Friday, 7-8am, Arnie's Restaurant. REAL - Relationship through Encouragement, Authenticity, and Love. REAL Men is a group that believes God is actively working in our lives, and that we all have a story that He wants us to tell. It is not a Bible study or an accountability group, and it is not exclusive to RRC, so invite others! Each meeting will feature a speaker. Note: Meet at Arnie's Restaurant, 34 S Squires St, downtown Rockford. The restaurant isn't open at that time, so we have the place to ourselves. Coffee and refreshments will be provided. N ext me eting: April 26.
A Life Group is a small group of 8-12 people that focuses on three priorities – sharing, study, and support. Life Group members will commit to meet together at least every other week through the school season—and even better, through the summer. We call these “Life Groups” because they are focused on (1) helping us grow in our life in Christ and (2) sharing life together. If you are interested in joining a life group or starting one up, please contact our Life Group Coordinator, Pam Jacobs.
Last Thursday of every month, 7-8:30pm, Fireside Room. This is not a Bible study or religious book study - books from a wide variety of genres are picked.  Next meeting: April 25 - The Forgotten by David Baldacci
First Wednesday of every month, Fellowship Hall. Next meeting: May 1
Adult Single Women's Lunch
Last Saturday of every month, 1pm. Next meeting: April 27 - Lunch at Rio Grand, then back to the Fireside Room for games and dessert. RSVP with Carol Knox (866-4845).
Parents - please fill out our online Informed Consent Form for the 2018-19 school year!
Sundays, 6:30-8pm, Youth Room. Students in grades 9-12 spend time in worship, hear about God's word, and spend time in small groups. Special events throughout the year.
Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm, Youth Room. Students in grades 6-8 spend time in worship, hear about God's word, and spend time in small groups. Special events throughout the year.
High School: June 16-22 - Kentucky - $275
Middle School: July 21-27 - Ohio - $275
Promo codes available here.
Parents - please fill out our online Informed Consent Form for the 2018-19 school year!
KidLife Club will resume in the fall.
Promo codes available here.
We are currently collecting the following items. They can be placed in the giant wooden crate in the lobby.

North Kent Connect has put out an urgent plea to help them replenish their pantry. Their current supply is nearly depleted. Their biggest needs right now:

  • low-sugar cereal & oatmeal
  • canned tomato sauce & penne pasta
  • canned spinach, beets, & pears
  • monetary donations to help them purchase food in bulk
Throughout the year, we collect donation items for various community ministries such as North Kent Connect and Alpha Family Center of Cedar Springs. Signs in the lobby will tell you what items we are currently looking for.