Rockford Reformed Church Weekly News: June 16-22, 2019
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NEW Hillview Learning Center: Our friends at Hillview invite you to help out with their summer program for students. Hillview Learning Center meets M-Th from 9:45-11am. Can you spare an hour to help kids work on reading or math? You don’t need to do any planning, just show up! Adults, high school students, and middle school students accompanied by an adult can volunteer. Sign up here . June 24 - August 8.
After-Service Socials: Join us in the gym after each service this summer for an opportunity to connect with people in a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t miss this chance to meet, greet, and eat! Snacks may be simple, such as cookies and milk, but each week is a surprise! If your family, small group, or ministry is willing to host a week, please let Laura Jolliffe know. Click here to view open weeks. Begins Sunday, June 16.
Vacation Bible School: For kids ages 3 years through those who are in (or have just completed) 5th grade! Join us for four nights at ROAR VBS, where kids explore God’s goodness and celebrate a ferocious faith that powers them through this wild life. Register here . Sunday-Wednesday, June 23-26, 6-8pm.
Ladies' Book Club: We meet the last Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Fireside Room. This is not a Bible study or religious book study - books from a wi de variety of genres are picked. June’s book is Wolf’s Mouth by John Smolens. The book club will not meet in July or August. Thursday, June 27, 7-8:30pm.
REAL Men: REAL Men is a group that believes God is actively working in our lives, and that we all have a story that He wants us to tell. It is not a Bible study or an accountability group, and it is not exclusive to RRC, so invite others! Each meeting will feature a speaker. Meet at Arnie's Restaurant, 34 S Squires St, downtown Rockford. The restaurant isn't open at that time, so we have the place to ourselves. Coffee and refreshments will be provided. Friday, July 12, 7-8am at Arnie's Restaurant.
Adult Single Ladies' Lunch: Each month we meet at a restaurant, then head back to church for games and dessert in the Fireside Room. Please RSVP with Carol Knox. Saturday, July 27, 1pm. Location TBA . No June meeting.
Praise in the Park: Come enjoy Christian music Sunday evenings at the Garden Club Park in downtown Rockford next to the dam. Bring your chairs and your friends! See our website for the lineup. Coupons available to local restaurants. Sundays at 6pm. RRC plays August 25.
Men's Prayer Breakfast: Join us in the Fellowship Hall (Room 100) any time. Fellowship, prayer, devotional, coffee, and maybe donuts! Tuesdays at 7am.
Softball: Come out and cheer on our team Tuesday nights! Location varies. See our website for the schedule. Tuesdays at 6:30pm.
Life Groups: A Life Group is a small group of 8-12 people that focuses on three priorities – sharing, study, and support. Life Group members will commit to meet together at least every other week through the school season—and even better, through the summer. We call these “Life Groups” because they are focused on (1) helping us grow in our life in Christ and (2) sharing life together. If you are interested in joining a life group or starting one up, please contact our Life Group Coordinator, Pam Jacobs .
(we're leaving this in one more week for those who missed it last week)

Hello! I’m working on an idea and need your help! I’ve put together a sort of online bulletin and want feedback so I can work out the kinks and make it as useful as possible. It is basically a page on our website that I will continually update. Since it is meant to be used Sunday mornings, it is designed to be viewed on your phone or tablet (but it still works on a computer).

If you are interested in the details, keep reading, otherwise you can find it here:

Online Connection Card: We know, with kids and coffee and finding a seat and catching up with people, filling out the connection card can slip your mind. Now, you can just fill it out online when it is convenient for you! Even if you are on your way home and suddenly remember. I created it to be responsive, so you can fill out just what you need and skip the rest.

Order of Service: This is the same info that is on the front of the bulletin, with a few enhancements.

KidLife check-in: Click the link to send an email to the check-in computer downstairs. Whoever is down there will sign you in and have your name tags ready to go. Now you can check in from your car while you are on the way there or from your pew.

Offering: Link to online giving.

Scripture: Tap on the scripture passage and the text will pop up on your screen.

Additional Info / Announcements / Calendar Overview: You’ll find lots of extras here, including links to listen to the songs from this week, and also next week’s so you can familiarize yourself with them ahead of time. We are linking to youtube because that’s the format that the most people will be able to access. For those on spotify, we have included a link to RRC’s playlists. Other items you’ll find in this area include a building map, links to this week’s emails including the ebeacon, and links to upcoming events.

And, finally, three notes on the format.

1. When you click most links, they will open up a new tab. This is so that you can return to the same spot without having to reload the page every time. Once a new tab opens, you should be able to close it by simply hitting the back button.

2. If you want to be able to reach this page quickly, you can save the link to your home screen and it will essentially work like an app.

3. I will be updating various parts of this page throughout the week. Everything will be ready by Sunday morning, but during the week things will be in progress - maybe old, maybe new.