Youth Activities from Heather

David and Jonathan, a story about wise friendship.
Easy Friendship Bracelet

A fun project to do with a friend and for a friend. Make one for each other.
Click on the image to watch how to make it.
Friendship Bracelet

Another fun project to make for yourself and a friend. A little more skill and patience is required. Click on the image to watch how to make it.
Dear God, I know that you love me and want me to have good friends who will help me remember to do what is right. Please help me to choose wise friends. Help me to be like Jesus and be a wise friend to others. Amen

 Music For Everyone to Enjoy

Click on the songs below to tap, sing and dance along with these fabulous tracks.


Sovereign Grace Music

KidSpring Children’s Ministry
Memory Verse 
“Hang out with fools and beware: Become wise by walking with the wise.” Proverbs 13:20
Vacation Alert
Heather M. will be on vacation from July 20-26.
Please contact Marie Sitler in her absence.
It's not too late to join us.
Get your cabin ready and team spirit revved up, VBC TV (vacation bible camp television) begins July 13.     

Registration forms must be sent in to participate.
Please contact Heather at or Grace at if you are interested.
Do You Have Any Wood Discs or Berry Baskets?
We are looking for these for crafts for our youth. If you have any please donate them to us. Let us know and we can pick them up. We require them by August 14.
Thanks for helping out.
July Birthday Celebrations
Wishing all of those with birthdays in July a fabulous day! Click on the image to your left for a Happy Birthday song.

Happy Birthday Katelyn and Wilson, July 1,
Myra, July 14.

Please let us know if we missed someone and we will add them in next week.
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