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The NMC Alliance is thrilled to introduce the electronic Clearinghouse for Articles, Research, Data, Insights, and Outcomes (eCARDIO) Hub. This new, free resource is intended to serve as an interactive central repository for individuals and organizations focused on the cardiovascular health of minority populations.
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This newsletter contains select updates from the Hub that discuss recent research and articles on minority cardiovascular health.
Trends in the Prevalence of Self-reported Heart Failure
by Race/Ethnicity and Age From 2001 to 2016
Recent national heart failure (HF) trends show increasing disparities between White and Black Americans. Effective prevention efforts must be taken to improve outcomes.

Occupational Exposures and Cardiac Structure and Function: ECHO‐SOL (Echocardiographic Study of Latinos)
Occupational factors such as exposure to dangerous chemicals and metals adversely impact cardiac function. This study explores these occupational risks in the Hispanic/Latino population.

American Indian Alcohol Use from a Sex-Specific Wellness Approach: Exploring Its Associated Physical, Behavioral, and Mental Risk and Protective Factors
American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN) mortality causes such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes can be attributed to alcohol use. This article explores alcohol use as a contributing factor to several chronic conditions.

Anti-Asian Xenophobia and Asian
American COVID-19 Disparities
Asian American populations and subgroups continue to be affected by the COVID-19 virus and xenophobia. Data collection and reporting are important to address health disparities and provide support to underserved Asian Americans.

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