October 30, 2019
2019-2020 President Bill Thorp with his wife Sara
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Wow - we are having such an incredible fall this year. The colors are amazing.

Craig Dent
Jeff Sigel
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The Filing Witch
Song & Pledge
Jodi Simons
Cynthia Harelson
Sergeant at Arms
Kirk Kolb
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Lawton Lesueur
Today's Program
Remember to phrase your response as a question!
        It was the key idea show creator Merv Griffin come up with for Jeopardy! 
        It's the one unforgivable thing a Jeopardy! contestant can do.
        They're the reasons “ringing-in” is the secret to success on Jeopardy!
        They're the steps you follow to get on Jeopardy!
Rogue River's own Deborah Ellis will give the answers...er...questions to the above and more at our meeting on October 30, 2019.

It took Deborah only ten years of trying to get on Jeopardy!, including four in-person auditions in four different cities. She'll show us the not-sold-in-stores Jeopardy! souvenir that those who audition receive. And she'll talk about how she practiced while waiting for her taping.

Millions of people watch Jeopardy!, but only a very few are ever selected to be on the show. Deborah will tell us how she found out in a very commonplace way that she'd been chosen. Being on Jeopardy! was a “bucket list” item for Deborah. She'll tell us how she got there and why competing on it is much harder than it seems from your sofa at home.

Many Jeopardy! contestants come with multiple backgrounds, and Deborah is no exception. During her working life, she worked in cargo shipping, the oil industry, international banking and higher education, as well as teaching middle-school math for several years.  Deborah will give you advice on how to “bone up” if you want to get on Jeopardy! yourself.

Overcoming difficulties is the most important life skill most of us will ever need. Deborah had to surmount two major barriers to her appearing on Jeopardy!, and she'll reveal both of them.

Married for 42 years and counting, Deborah and husband Andrew Ellis moved to Oregon from California in 2013. Unwisely, they brought their adult children, Arthur and Hannah here also. Fortunately, they were clever enough to set up the kids a few miles from their own home. When not watching Jeopardy! Deborah loves gardening, reading and bird-watching.

New Member Post
Second Posting
Barbara Acosta-Hong
Business: Just returned from South Korea and hasn't quite settled yet
Classification: Sales/Operations
Proposed by: Richard Acosta

On the third Wednesday of each month there will be a meeting after the meeting - specifically to help integrate Red Badge members into the club. Anyone is invited to attend. The next meeting is November 20 is hosted by Marty Bauer.
A feel good video about the first 100 years of Rotary International. It's short!
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November 6
2020 Election One Year Out
Chuck Rund
November 13
Uncle Dale - A WWII Homecoming
Debi Benedict
November 20
Some Thoughts on Rotary and TRF
PDG Hal Kibby from Sisters Oregon
November 27
Vocational - Tamra Martin
Stories from Bolivia - Isabel
December 4
Rotary Student Exchange Experience in Germany
David Schmidt
December 11
Oregon Community Foundation
Grant Presentations
Annual Christmas Program
December 18
Riding Bryce Canyon
Ann Bauer and Ann Rusk
December 25 and January 1
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