Your Christmas Greetings!

St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine
December 17, 2020

Here Comes the Snow!
(A big snow storm is sliding up the East Coast)

To everyone- parishioners and friends, here and away- we need your Christmas Greetings!

Cell phone photos are very welcome, but please, everyone, just hit the reply to this eClare, and tell us where you are and how you are doing. Local St. Francis parishioners have missed connecting with so many of our friends this summer and fall. We hope you have missed us too. Some of you were quietly here and will want updates from us "locals".

2020 has been the most challenging year ever, but St. Francis is thriving in many wonderful ways. Recent activities will be reported in the Christmas eClare.

We are long-time parishioners, new parishioners and just really good St. Francis friends. Family, children, grandchildren, pet photos, and photos of Christmas wreaths and decorations are welcome! A couple of sentences will be equally welcome; just be in touch!

New Zoom friends, please chime in! We are a growing, changing church. Tell us who you are!

The Christmas Greetings eClare will update you on Advent gifts from the Vestry, activities of Outreach, community businesses who have supported our efforts, and the crazy, (dis)organized Festival Of lights coming up Sunday!
Thanks much,

The deadline for your Greetings is
Monday, December 21.
Everyone be in touch!

Ugly Sweater Bingo tonight!
Thursday, 7 PM!