St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine
June 18, 2020

Inner-city Detroit Montessori school, The Detroit News (Marco Mancinelli)
“Pretty much all the honest truth telling there is in the world is done by children.”
  — Oliver Wendell Holmes, author and poet
From Fr. Brent-
We are now in the season after Pentecost, otherwise known as Ordinary Time. It is not a feast season like Easter, nor is it a fast season like Lent, it is Ordinary.
I appreciate the pensiveness of Advent and the light of Christmas. I appreciate the disciplines of Lent and the Alleluias! of Easter. But the time we are in, both in our liturgical calendar and this age in history is Ordinary. This is how it usually is, most of history, like most of our calendar, is like this.
We are in an extraordinary Ordinary Time, being somewhere in the life cycle of a global pandemic and somewhere in the dialectical history of white supremacy and empire’s confrontation with Justice and the Commonwealth of God. It is extraordinary in our lifetimes, even the life times of our eldest elders, but this is pretty standard fare in the course of things.
The Wednesday Seekers just finished a book on Benedictine spirituality, a study on how St. Benedict designed a form of life in community that enables people to live up the expectations of Jesus Christ. Central to the prayer life of Benedictines (and prayer is the center of their lives) are the psalms. 
The psalms sometimes upset me. I remember the first Morning Prayer Windy came to at the monastery that we eventually moved to. We started reciting the psalms and that day was the one with babies head being dashed on rocks. (Psalm 137). She was a bit unsure about the whole monk thing I was slipping into and that psalm didn’t help.
In March, as the pandemic was ramping up, I was saying Compline with Hannah Maeve and Brigid as part of our bedtime ritual and Psalm 91 struck me in a way it could not have before: 
You will not fear the terror of the night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness,
    nor the destruction that wastes at noonday.
And then there is the Venite, Psalm 95, which we read as part of the Invitatory of morning prayer each morning: 
Come, let us sing to the Lord; *
let us shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation.
Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving *
and raise a loud shout to him with psalms.
The psalms, these holy poems of terror and joy, have been faithfully prayed on by the faithful for thousands of years. The psalms encompass the extraordinary nature of our very ordinary lives. In this precarious time of plague, of civil unrest and calls for racial reconciliation, remember that the psalms are a rock worth visiting. 

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Many parishioners will remember David Wiggins as an active member of St. Francis Church. In fact he donated much energy to being our sexton for a long period of time. We are delighted that he is in touch again!

"I am one of new St. Francis e-mail addresses to keep current with the life of the church. ...down the road here in Liberty, Maine, for the last 6 years with my terrier Nellie. The cute sketch above is by a good friend of mine at the beginning of the pandemic. 

With the hope that you are well & my warm best wishes,
David Wiggins"
A Big "thank you" to the Blue Hill Library!
Did you know they are delivering books to people who homebound and cannot get out and about? Our Library (which also has curb-side pickup) is making a big difference during these difficult days and weeks!

From our Senior Warden, Milissa La Londe

Dear Friends,

We will not, unfortunately, be having in-person services until at least September.

- The annual meeting will not be held in person. Stay tuned for details.

-  The church is looking lovely with a new coat of paint. 

- Bishop Brown will visit via zoom, probably late summer or fall.

Please be thinking about Emily Award nominations.
Wednesday Seekers
(1st,and 3rd Wednesdays)

Beginning July 1 st , we will begin a two part adult ed on Wednesdays at 10.  On odd numbers Wednesdays (1 st , 3 rd ) we will begin the Episcopal Church’s Sacred Ground Anti-racism training.  It is a film-based and dialogue series on Race and Faith.   ( )

( See below)
Wednesday Seekers
(2nd and 4th Wednesdays)
F rom Fr. Brent-

Since we are also in the midst of a terrible pandemic and our souls need tending as much as they need challenging, we will on even (2 nd  and 4 th ) Wednesdays be reading Verna Dozier’s gem of Anglican theology  
The Dream of God .   I encourage you to buy it locally.
From Outreach Chair, Sue Grindle

Donations have been sent to-
At Home Downeast and Families First Community Center (FFCC) in Ellsworth.

The $300.00 budgeted for Nichols Day Camp will be transferred to the Emergency Fund for this year. 

FFCC has received grants and have utilized the funds to continue work on the home.They have made great progress and hope to open this Fall. Tracey Hair from HOME has helped to advise them about COVID 19 precautions for community living.
From Tim Thomas
Judy and I are doing what everyone else is doing--i.e.coping. We take short walks, read, watch TV and go to Tradewinds (but as little as possible to Tradewinds). At the encouragement of Ruth Billings, I have read three novels by Jane Austin. They were fun to read. Have read again the Personal Memoirs of Ulysses Grant, am now reading again Schleisinger's Age of Jackson (a bit of a slog), and I will be starting Bounty (about Capt. Bligh and the mutiny). We are learning the benefits of Zoom. To fend off feelings of isolation, Parker Ridge hosts Zoom "cocktail parties" that give some of us a chance to see and talk with each other electronically. All in all, it could be worse. We have not lost a job or come down with COVID 19. Stay well!
From Peter Smith..the Great Grandchildren!
"Picking flowers for their mom after having graduated from homeschool and officially starting Summer vacation. Of course their mom will continue their reading and violin classes but they get to get outside to play and work in the garden." 
From Prudy Heilner-

Our two GSA seniors ... Balinha is still here and was able to get her diploma from Mr. Seeley ... Andrew just sent me this picture from Indonesia! Balinha is going to take a gap year. Andrew will be going to Binus University in Jakarta. 
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