St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine

April 29, 2022
(Photo, with thanks, to lobsterman, Ethan Hale-on his early morning ride out of Stonington)

“Let every sunrise adorn your mind with the power of hope. Let it paint your life with the colors of the morning sky.” 
- Debasish Mridha
A Message from Fr. Brent
April 27, 2022

 A blessed Easter to you all!

It has been an eventful Easter season out on Cape Rosier so far. We had a fruitful visit to the chief of the headache clinic at Mass General on Monday. Is it a badge of honor or the sure sign of a curse to have a distinguished physician refer to your case as “complex”? In any case, the visit revealed a possible source of the headaches, as well as a clue about what might be causing part of me to behave so poorly. Some lab work may have even given us clues as to the cause of the cause. We are thrilled to have a direction in which to face.

The satisfaction of finding something empirical (from imagery and lab tests) however, was quickly tempered when we learned that Hannah Maeve has COVID. (We heard when we were in Boston and the girls were home with Windy’s mom). It is mild so far, and no one else is positive, but with so many unknowns with my situation I am staying at a friend’s cottage in Brooksville to wait out our family outbreak.

It is amazing what human beings can adapt to. Windy and I are reading War and Peace. (We’ve got the time). I have read it before, but my eyes are very open this time to Tolstoy’s faith in intangible spirits that drives some to victory and others to defeat. Though I am not looking for victory per se, and defeat isn’t a category that applies here, my faith in God in Christ is coming through and is and will continue to carry me through all of this. And it is not faith that Jesus will protect me from suffering or will keep bad things from happening in my life, those ships have already sailed, but it is faith that in Him, I can endure. And when I find that I can’t, well, that’s ok too because He is right here with me and He is a savant when it comes to suffering. God in Christ is with us in every possible situation, through every possible outcome, from miraculous cures to agonizing deaths and even through the frustrations of navigating the American health care system. And in all of that, our fear, our anxiety, our pain and irritation and irrationality and despair have a place to rest: in the outstretched hands and comforting arms of a God who intimately knows what we are going through.

My faith is also bolstered daily by the meals people are dropping off, by the cards and prayers, by all of the efforts that so many are making to sustain the life of St. Francis so you all get what you need in this tumultuous world and I don’t have to worry. Thank you.

At this point, we have no idea when I will be able to rejoin you all. You all know how hard it is to schedule timely treatment in Maine (one of the specialists I was referred to is taking appointments in October). What I do know is that your incredible kindness and patience is really helping me and my family through all of this. My gratitude is boundless.

In Christ,
Having read the above message from Rev. Brent, you will know that life in the "Rev. Brent Was Family Farm" on Cape Rosier has become complicated (to say the least!) As a bit of relief, Brent and Windy and the girls really appreciate all of the gifts coming to the family through Meal Train.

Friends of the Was Family have developed a program within the Meal Train website which gifts in several ways to Brent, Windy, and the girls as they all navigate through this challenging time. Charity Chung has offered to be a St. Francis contact person for any questions you may have. Donations for the Was family's additional expenses are welcome, too, as you can imagine, with trips and stays back and forth to Boston. Take a look at the website below.

Being involved in the Meal Train program is not something everyone can do. Equally important, we can hold the Was family closely in our thoughts and prayers. Better days are ahead!

Here is the website:
Sunday, May 8th

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Mothers Day, May 8th
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We Pray for:
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*A Memorial Service for Helen Weinland will be held on Saturday, May 14 at 10 am with a reception immediately following the service. All are welcome.

We pray for those who have been injured or lost or are in harms way in Ukraine

Another gorgeous sunrise photo from our contributing
lobsterman, Ethan Hale

What a way to start the day! Thank you, Ethan!
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If you are not fully vaccinated, you would put our children and others who may be medically fragile at higher risk.  

PLEASE do the loving thing and get vaccinated, if not for yourself, then for our children.  Otherwise, you are welcome to continue on Zoom for the time being.

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