St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine
May 7, 2020

In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.” ―  Robert Lynd
St. Francis Church
Next Sunday
May 10
10 am

Fr. Brent will email the church directly regarding the up-coming service on Zoom. We are getting better at this! Watch for his service email in another day or two.

From Fr. Brent

My Friends in Christ,

Grace and peace to you on another Thursday in quarantine! 

I pray that you are holding up well. Most of what I hear from folks is pretty inspiring, actually. Most of us are making do, adapting to these new normals, adjusting ourselves to this present moment. Not that we have much choice about what is happening, but doing it gracefully, which by most accounts is what I am hearing, that is a choice, and you all are making it. Bravo!

We all have ups and downs, bad days follow good ones. That is the nature of things. So on those downturn days, remember that you haven’t always felt like this. Likely you will get back to feeling better soon, maybe tomorrow, maybe after a bath or a walk or a nap. Do pay attention to drinking, or any potentially habit-forming activity you might use to cope with anxiety or boredom. Alcohol sales are going through the roof, which is concerning.

My days have been slowly getting better. (I started feeling poorly again after I had written the sermon for Sunday). More blood work came back, nothing abnormal, and I felt better yesterday than I did on Monday, and today better than yesterday. I am still a bit scarce as I am spending most of my time resting and reading. Windy and the girls are my super-heroes of the month and are doing great. We all appreciate your prayers and cards. Feeling like this will not be a new normal.

As I mentioned on Sunday at church, our new church normal of Zoom and phone calls is going to be transitioning BACK TO CHURCH! in June. This is great news! I have been sorely missing gathering around an actual table with you all, to break actual bread and share the actual Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. June 7 th isn’t that far off.
As I also mentioned, getting back to church is going to mean adjusting to a whole set of new normal of its own. We won’t have a common cup or freshly baked bread, rather we’ll use Congregational style shot glasses and wafers handed out with silver tongs. We’ll be adding a service, and figuring out a way to limit attendance to 50. We’ve got a lot of music to figure out... but if we could transition to online morning prayer as well as we did, we can surely figure out how to celebrate a beautiful, edifying and holy gathering together. Your vestry, liturgical leaders and I thank you in advance for your suggestions, patience and forgiveness!

Blessing to you all!


*Please continue updating the prayer list

Although eClare brings together a lot of the "lightness" of St Francis Church, the main reason for its existence is to communicate the life events of our church and parishioners. This especially includes the prayer list. Email our church administrator, Barbara Brady. She is now working remotely and she receives emails through the church web address.

As always, if you wish to add another person's name to the prayer list, please be sure you have that person's permission.
We Pray for:

Kaylee Bland
Holly Colt
Ellen Day
Edward Dufresne
Diane Dumond
Brinley Hall
Dorine Harris
Kira Hartley
Alix Kirkpatrick
JoAnn Krestan
Diana Robson
Dennis Robertson
Maren Rosborough
Sarah Semler
Cathy Smith
Donny Smith
Marshall Smith
Peter Smith
Gloria Smith
Brenda Swazey
Brad West
Martha York

Those with May Birthdays

Jim Caggaino
Dixie Chapman
Dennis DeSilvey
Sarah Everdell
John Haley
Marilyn Heinemann
John Paul LaLonde
Elaine MacLean
Jane Nesbitt
Carla Rosenzweig
Susan Schneider
Donny Smith
Mary Ann Taylor
Nell Whiting
Angela Yardy

Those in the Armed Services    
James Crowe III
Andy Dittmer
Brian Haley
Sean Haley
Douglas Hamilton
Kyler Hall
Peter McGuyer
Kyle Carino Mings
Eric Partridge
Henry Shepley

We pray for the repose of the soul of John Nesbitt, son of Sam and Jane Nesbitt

From Fr. Brent---

Community Supported Lobsters!  

Please! Take one for the team, help keep our local lobstermen afloat and eat lobster weekly! It is a big ask, but you can do it! 

Email Fr. Brent to order:

(And keep your eye open for this story about Community Supported Lobsters on the Episcopal News Service )...

You probably have seen the recent articles in local newspapers. St. Francis is helping out!
Here are some of the short videos sent from you. St. Francis has not lost her sense of humor! Enjoy them...they are quite a variety!

Thank you everyone for being in touch and connected!

Please continue to enjoy the Calling Tree. They are doing a great job!

In a quiet time, St. Francis continues to be active and involved.

From Sr. Warden, Milissa LaLonde:

"Greetings Friends, near and far.
I hope you are healthy and able to see some bright lights at this crazy time. I want to update you on happenings at St. Francis.

- Outside painting of the church will commence this week, so we will be returning to a sparkling white church,( hopefully) in June.

- The shopping ministry has been used only minimally thus far. Call me if you need this service and our cheerful volunteers will assist you.

- The lobster project continues to be very successful. Fr. Brent began the project in order to support our local fishermen and economy, as well as an opportunity for him to get to know parishioners and community members. Close to 1,000 lobsters have been dispersed around the Blue Hill Area during April and we expect another 309 on May 1. Tradewinds Market donated 300 bags to the effort, continuing to serve as a model of community generosity and service. And thanks to the many lobster customers who have added donations to their payments and have been so appreciative.

- A mere pandemic cannot stop Spring Cleanup!! We'll just do things a little differently this year. Please keep an eye out for an email invitation to sign up for jobs which can be done individually or in very small groups (keeping appropriate distance). We hope to complete all jobs by the end of May.

- Fr. Brent is doing a wonderful job of getting to know our parish and spreading God's love. Keep him in your prayers, Bless each one of you and we look forward to being together again."

Milissa LaLonde
Sr. warden 
From Outreach Chair, Sue Grindle
St. Francis Outreach Committee Members have helped the children of HOME and Emmaus by donating three new DVD players, many used DVDs from our own libraries, and popcorn for some safe distancing movie time. 

Tracey Hair, Executive Director , has expressed sincere gratitude for our quick response to her request. She notes that the children need some entertainment and distraction while staying inside, and the parents need a break. Neither shelter has Spectrum or Satellite TV. Many of us have also donated funds to HOME in our dear friend Nancy Stine's name. If you do this, please put COVID- 19 in the memo line so that the funds can be used immediately. Hannaford gift cards in $10.00 - 20.00 amounts are also needed to help folks buy items not covered by EBT cards (diapers, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)

Tracey has been working day and night to keep COVID out of the shelters. She has done a tremendous job. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to help her.

Nancy would be so honored that gifts to HOME are being given in her name..
A wonderful memory of Nancy Stine at a St. Francis Sunday Brunch...always enjoying being with Fred.
From Ellen Young

I’m doing okay here in southern New Mexico. Our county has 130 cases and 1 death for a population of roughly 200,000, unlike the northern part of the state where things are complicated by crises in nursing homes and in the Navajo Nation.

 I am good with solitude, after all, I’m a writer, but having lost my husband, Peter, in September I do often grieve – a mixture of “why did you leave me to face this alone” with “thank goodness we don’t have to deal with this  and  your illness.” We were unable to travel last year. I am making every effort to get to Deer Isle this year because I have grieving to do there. I can’t think of a nicer place to be quarantined.

I'm grateful for the contacts with St. Francis and the zoom services.

Ellen Young
From Mark Cluett
We are in a fabulous retirement facility which is taking Covid-19 very seriously. While our Gov. has lifted some restrictions we are still quarantined. We fill out a form every morning showing temperature and any signs of illness and also if we leave the campus. We are asked not to frequent any stores or facilities, e. g., beauty salons, golf courses, etc. . The don’t even want us to touch ATM machines. While the dining room is closed we still get marvelous meals delivered to our units.

There are apt to be some loosening of restrictions 5/13 but they may not be apply here as we operate as health care facility and adhere to more stringent protocols. 

My major problem is whether to keep growing my pony tail or not. Scissors in Libbie’s hand looks like a dangerous weapon. Both Spencer(our dog) and I cringe if she even thinks of coming at us.

We have been Zooming on Sundays, 9:00 here and then 10:00 for BH.

My cookie output has shriveled; but I’m thinking of making a Blitz Torte soon. I do splurge on Weyman’s frozen wild blueberries for breakfast. Mark & Libbie

A beautiful message from The Rev. Edward Dufresne, who has graciously shared it, addressing the times in which we live.
Thank you, Edward!
Password: joy
Hannah Maeve and Brigid Was
Looking right at home in Maine!
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