St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine
November 4, 2020

(photo by Eric Storm -with permission)
Today I choose:
calm over chaos, serenity over stress, peace over perfection, grace over grit, faith over fear. -Mary Davis

Thoughts from Fr. Brent---
My Friends in Christ,

I woke up thinking about the 2004 Red Sox v. Yankees World Series. Well, actually I woke up thinking about a sermon the Rev. Canon Ed Rodman gave at St. Paul’s cathedral in Boston about the 2004 World Series. He preached that it wasn’t proper to pray for one team over the other, that was not a Godly concern, but that it was very proper to pray for good officiating.
We woke up to a nation more evenly divided than many hoped. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not baseball, your vote for the candidates who most clearly embody your values, values informed by your Christian faith, your understanding of right and wrong and a sense of common decency is a deep concern of God’s. I encourage you to pray, and pray hard, for the outcome that you think will move us, this nation, in the direction of the Commonwealth of God... and then accept the will of our fellow Americans, as bitter as that might well be. To that end, it is very proper, and very much in the realm of God, that we pray for good officiating. 
In these next days join with countless others around the world in praying for a just and peaceful conclusion of this election. Pray that every vote is counted, that we have patience, and that, as imperfect and perishing as our democracy is, it finds its way to become a more perfect union. Those are things we all should pray for. 
How? Today I am praying Reinhold Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer. It works.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 
courage to change the things I can, 
and wisdom to know the difference. 
Living one day at a time,
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardship as a pathway to peace;
taking, as Jesus did,
this sinful world as it is,
not as I would have it;
trusting that You will make all things right
if I surrender to Your will;
so that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with You forever in the next.

Need companionship in prayer? Join us at noon in the Blue Hill Town Park as we pray for Sound Government and a Peaceful Election.

In the Hope of Christ,

A meaningful -and much needed- St. Francis Tradition

Thanksgiving Baskets for H.O.M.E.
(Delivery Date: Friday November 20)

In a time of increasing needs and Covid-19 isolation at H.O.M.E. our Outreach Committee has made the decision to increase complete Thanksgiving dinners from ten families to twelve. Tracey Hair reports added numbers of families needing help, and we have agreed to step up. Tracey also sends a message of thanks to St. Francis for the recent delivery of more than thirty thermal women's shirts, many pairs of men's sox, and some children's warm clothing.
All of it is needed and greatly appreciated.

Thanksgiving dinners for H.O.M.E. and the safe purchase of it by St. Francis parishioners, are equally important to all of us. Year after year we are so used to buying and contributing to the Thanksgiving tables. We will continue this tradition in the coming weeks.

Please take note (below) of this year's procedures.

A lot of us will be dropping off food items entering the side door of the church.

The door to the sanctuary will be propped open. If you come into the church, please leave your items on the tables.

Alternatively, if the weather is good, there will be a basket outside the door for your donations.

We ask that you wear a mask and refrain from having a "quick visit" with Barbara. If necessary, she may close her door, so don't be offended by our normally very friendly administrative assistant! We want to protect her.

Barbara's Office Hours
(and delivery times to the church) are
8 AM -Noon
  • Barbara has the complete list of needs for the twelve Thanksgiving Baskets. If you call her (374-5200) with what you would like to contribute, she will check off those items.
  • Non-perishable items can be dropped off at the church from now-through Friday Morning, November 20-using the side door, when Barbara is in her office and taken into the sanctuary, and put on the tables in front of the altar. The door to the sanctuary will be open. You can just leave everything in bags. These nonperishable items are: canned beans, peas, corn, yams, cranberry sauce, nuts and gravy. Also bags of stuffing mix and small bags of potatoes.
  • Perishable items should be dropped off on November 19 or 20 as everything will be delivered to H.O.M.E. on November 20. These items are the turkeys, apple or pumpkin pies, and rolls.
  • The Outreach Committee has purchased all of the roasting pans, napkins, cups and placemats for the twelve baskets. (Plus a funky pumpkin decoration for every table.)
  • Please do not feel you have to provide any of the Thanksgiving items this year if you are uncomfortable shopping or with bringing them to the church. You are welcome to send a small check to the church, earmarked Thanksgiving -or let this go completely this year. Members of the Outreach Committee will be shopping for items not already delivered to the church after Noon on Friday November 20.

The Calendar

Sunday Worship Service
9 AM
Morning Prayer
 Wednesday - Saturday 8:45 AM

*Please continue updating the prayer list

Email our church Parish Administrator, Barbara Brady.

As always, if you wish to add another person's name to the prayer list, please be sure you have that person's permission.
We Pray for:

Harry Bissell
Kaylee Bland
Bob Boyd
Don Bucchan
Kathy Caudill
Stacy Clausen
Holly Colt
Ellen Day
Edward Dufresne
Diane Dumond
Frank Griffith
Tracey Hair
Brinley Hall
Dorine Harris
Alix Kirkpatrick
Jo-Ann Krestan
Pam MacDonald
Earl Richardson
Diana Robson
Dennis Robertson
Carla Rosenzweig
Cathy Smith
Claudia Smith
Gloria Smith
Marshall Smith
Terri Stephens Smith
Fred Stine
Marilyn Stewart
Brenda Swazey
Judy Thomas
Brad West
Persis Williams

Those with November Birthdays
Jon Barry
Terry Briggs
Michael Creighton
Laura Danielson
David Decrow
Arthur Greg
Margaret Hannah
Aletha Langham
Meredith Penfield
Susan Reddy
Lorna Russell
Ann Sexton
Lyn Swazey
Simon Wesley
Ellen Young

Those in the Armed Services  
James Crowe III
Andy Dittmer
Brian Haley
Sean Haley
Douglas Hamilton
Kyler Hall
Peter McGuyer
Kyle Carino Mings
Eric Partridge
We pray for the recovery of good health for our retired rector, The Rev. Claudia Smith, who is having a battle with breast cancer...and undoubtedly winning the war!

She is in good humor and up-ends the question... of "Why Me?" with "Why not me?" as millions of women get this diagnosis.

If you wish to send Rev. Claudia a card, please send it to the St. Francis Church address. These will be collected and mailed to her from the church office. She would love to receive cards.

St. Francis Church
330 Hinckley Smith Ridge Road, Blue Hill, Maine 04614

We are in the final weeks of our 2021 HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL stewardship campaign. If you have already pledged thank you! If you have yet to pledge, time is running out. We need your support. We are still 30 pledges short of last year at a moment when your commitment is more important than ever. We remain hopeful that these pledges will come in before our November 22 close. We are inching closer to our goal.

We all love St. Francis and our church community. We’d all like to keep it functioning as it has in the past. 

Please prayerfully consider digging just a bit deeper and pledge just a little extra to insure a financially secure St. Francis.  
We ARE St. Francis. Our future is up to all of us. We can do this.

Thank you and God Bless.

Many parishioners sent prayer requests to Father Brent. These were read in the service. Since some of you may have been in other home services, here is the list of those mentioned in prayers:

Bill McKinley, Peg Downing, Molly Everdell, Marjorie A. Smith, Margaret F. Smith, A.L. Marshall Smith, Rudy Deetjen, Ed Rosenzweig, Nancy Stine, B.J. Miller, Robert Gallant, Peter A. Sturtevant, John Webber Marriott, Edward Shoemaker, Phyllis Gibson, Dot Campbell, Pricilla Denny, Kathi Ensworth, Richard Mazzur, Dorothy Noble, Jim Sween, Percy Blaisdell, Barbara H. Cousins, Alice Hauser, Barbara Sorlien, Margaret Tebbenoff, Jean Webster, Clint Whiting, Dean Anderson, Mary Graber Boyd, Colleen Graber, Lowell S. Thomas, Josephine M. Thomas, Marjorie T. Pomeroy, Thomas L. Thomas, Paul T. Evans, Katherine G. Evans, Thomas G. Evans, Lillian & Andrew Nold, Jeff Rhone, Kenneth Hartley, Sheila Nichols, Leoma Decrow, Charles Decrow, Marge Decrow, Ralph Decrow, Phyllis Springer, Paul Springer, Jim Holdsworth, Lisa Holdsworth, Emily Chaney, Ralph Chaney, Barbara Helfrich, Jim Denny, Helen Krestan, Rudy Krestan, Betty Parsons, Clayt Parsons, Maysie Anderson, Richard R. Forster, III, Marilyn Erickson, Betty Publicover Mason, Phil Mason, Sr , William A Publicover, Jr., Skip Publicover, Franklin L. Orth, Helen Martin Orth, Marilyn Orth , John Orth Cant, Arthur Henry Peters, Sr., Christine Peters, Neal Rountree, Arthur Henry Peters, Jr., Mark Bowick, Lyne Bowick, Grace Ruth Nesbitt, John McCormick Nesbitt, Peter Young, Charles and Carol Nimorwicz, Ralph D. Siewers, III, Ralph D. Siewers, Jr. and Edna W. Siewers, Mary Jane Patterson Law, Johnstone Rowland Law, Patricia LeVeque Heilner, David Poythress Heilner, W. James O’Neill,
Ronald S. LaStaiti, John Cross, Paul Reinhardt, Phil Zawasky, Richard T Flood, Charles R Swain, Irma I. and Robert W. Topham, E. H. Marcelle and Millard F. Coffin, Jr., Martha Waldron, Carolyn Samonds, Virginia Hardt Marston.
Christmas Gifts for the children of Emmaus
Information will follow shortly-again with safety procedures for all.

Below: Meet Delilah (AKA Lila) precious new puppy of Pam Siewers!
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