Connect to God
I am so deeply thankful for St. John’s right now - so grateful and proud to be a part of this community that is facing this pandemic with love and faith.

This is a scary, strange time. And in response to fear, each one of us has a choice: we can turn inward, put up high walls, and grow anxious and self-focused.

Or we can follow the example of Christ and - even when it’s difficult - stay open to God and one another, reach out to God and one another.

Over and over again, the people of St. John’s have chosen love. I’d like to share with you just a few of the things that have been going on at St. John’s in the last few days, things that inspire me:
  • A team of 15 volunteers, led by Tallie Fishburne (email Tallie) has checked on over 100 members of the parish by phone, seeing who needs help and just offering a moment of conversation and connection.
  • Another team, led by Lisa Williams (email Lisa) has reached out to area nursing homes and other facilities. They brought much needed supplies requested by Pine Ridge Nursing Home: water bottles, word searches and sudoko, and snacks.
  • When St. Vincent de Paul’s dining room was closed due to COVID-19, hundreds of homeless and food insecure Marin County residents were left to go hungry. St. Vincent’s reached out to St. John’s to lead a program making sure these folks have food. Karen Petterson (email Karen) will be leading this work and we should have more information soon.
  • 470 people tuned in on Sunday for our live-streamed services and many more have joined our zoom meetings for youth and adults to connect, pray, and laugh together. 

Thank you for all the ways, big and small, that you are choosing love. Truly, God is giving us the strength we need each day to care for ourselves and for our community. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as the days grow long and no one seems to be doing the dishes. 

Our building may not be open, but the Church is alive. 

P.S. Have a prayer request that you’d like to be shared (anonymously or with your name) on Sunday? Click ( here ) to share this request with me.
The Rev. Ginger Strickland, Associate Priest
Church: First Aid for the Soul
St. John's has been able to creatively and quickly address the needs of our parishioners and the greater Marin community during this challenging time thanks to our incredibly generous membership. To date the 2020 Annual Fund has raised $602,511. Over half of the 187 households with an annual fund commitment have increased their giving from last year. This financial support will allow the church to continue to provide first aid for the soul. We are Grateful! Click here to listen to Rev. Ginger's 10am sermon from March 15.
Gathering Online
Sunday Morning Family Service Click here to join us at 9am for a live-streamed family service with a story and prayer for all ages.

Sunday Morning 10am Service Click here to join us at 10am at our homepage for a live-streamed service with music and sermon.

Praying Together Online Zoom is a fun, easy-to-use way to meet online. Follow the directions found here to download the program any time before a gathering. You only have to do these steps once. If you aren't comfortable with technology, please don't be intimidated. Just email parishioner Mike Kowalczyk, and he'll be in touch to walk you through the process by phone and answer any questions that you have.

Tuesday Night Gathering, 6pm Our Tuesday night gatherings will last about 30-minutes and focus on opportunities to connect and pray together. Once you have downloaded zoom, click here to join.

Thursday Morning Prayer, 7:30am Check out the information about how to use Zoom above. The link for this meeting is different - for Thursday morning prayer, please click here.

Do you have a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion of thanksgiving? Let Rev. Ginger know via email and we will pray for you by name. 

Join the Holy Week Planning Team It has become clear that we will not be able to gather in person for Holy Week (April 5-12) this year. Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday are central to worship in the life of the church and meaningful services for many. We are inviting parishioners to join a planning team to imagine anew how we gather for Holy Week given these changed circumstances. Any parishioner is welcome to join, young or old, new to the church or celebrating your 60th Easter with St. John’s. Sign up here and we will be in touch to schedule a Zoom meeting in the coming weeks.
Taking Care of Each Other
Caring for One Another
  • Do you know of someone who might appreciate a phone call or someone stuck at home who needs groceries or help with errands? Please email Tallie Fishburne or Care Committee Chair Margaret Harter who are coordinating volunteers and needs. Would you be willing to make phone calls or help out in other ways? Please contact Tallie as well.

Caring for the Wider Community 
  • St. Vincent de Paul, which feeds hundreds of homeless and hungry persons each day, reached out to St. John’s to lead a program making sure these folks have food while their free dining room is closed. Karen Petterson will be leading this work, which involves organizing and equipping groups of people from all kinds of religious communities across the county to make brown bag meals safely in their own homes and then drop them off at St. Vincent’s. Please email Karen in order to help in this effort. 
  • Most nursing homes and rehab centers have cancelled all non-emergency family visits and recreational activities. Lisa Williams is leading the effort to think creatively about how we can offer support to our neighbors during this time, please email Rev. Ginger to be a part of this conversation.
  • If you have kids at home who would like to make cards or art offering a word of greeting or encouragement, please scan these masterpieces or send photos to Rev. Ginger and we'll share them with folks who are under extra stress during this time. Thank you so much to all those who have already sent pictures - they have brightened my day already and will certainly do the same for others!
For Children Our weekly Children's Ministry email will continue, and Sandra will share links and attachments for kids’ activities, lesson in videos and even songs to learn that they can print at home. If you don't receive this email already, please contact our Children's Minister, Sandra Pathik .
Youth & Pizza Club
4PM Hike from St. John's (6 feet apart) to Phoenix Lake.
  • Please bring a snack & some water & hat
4PM Virtual Board Game Night / Join URL:
  • I'll be logged in and will share board games that I like
  • Istanbul (app store)
  • Splendor (app store)
  • Catan (app store)
  • Ticket to Ride (app store)
  • Dice Forge (website is currently overloaded)
  • Youth Share games that they can play with others
  • Cameron has open Challenge to anyone in Tetris
11AM Bike from St. John's to Marin Country Mart 4 miles out and 4 miles back
  • Please bring a snack, some water, & copy of your medical card.
SUNDAY  - MOVIE NIGHT!!! via text we'll pick movie, watch them, and chat via text during the entire movie. Let me know if this will be possible with your family.
  • Junior High Movie 330 PM
  • Senior High Movie 6PM
  • 4PM Working on a local artist to do a program each Monday night. More details to follow.
  • Pizza Club Check in at 4pm via Zoom
  • Confirmation Check in @ 7pm via Zoom
Zoom info to join our online Youth Group: Click on this link and text me if you have issues.
4PM Junior High Youth Group:
5PM Senior High Youth Group:
Other Activities
The Christian Mediation Group invites all who wish to join them in prayer and meditation at home at 7:15am on Tuesday mornings. For more information about Christian Mediation and to receive a weekly prayer outline, please email Melinda Ching.

The Forgiveness Book Group, Monday Bible Study, and Tuesday/Wednesday Nights at Gilead House are cancelled through April 7 at which time we will be in touch about future events.

Thank you to all who offered to make Easter Baskets for families at Gilead House and the Canal Alliance. However, in consultation with these groups, we’ve decided to postpone our gift giving until after the epidemic is over. We will be in touch with further information as we move forward.

We regret to say that our March 29 Baptism Class is temporarily postponed. We will be in touch about future dates. 

Yoga St. John's is currently not meeting in person. For online options for yoga practice, please sign up for the Yoga St. John’s email by emailing us here.

Dinner Church is cancelled through April 7 and will be in touch regarding future schedule.

Our partners at Gilead House , a transitional housing facility for homeless families, have shared about the effects of school closing and job hour cuts on their clients. Click here to learn more about their needs. 

For other events hosted at St. John's by other organizations, please contact the organizers directly.
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