Palm Sunday 2020 looked like this for one St. John's family.
Connect to God
Our seminarian, Joanna Benskin, and I were reminiscing yesterday about our favorite Holy Week celebrations in years past. We both remember the drama and beauty of our first Holy Week as Episcopalians, when we were surprised and won over by the way that the celebrations appealed to all of our senses - the stark and intimate grief of the stripping of the altar, the smell of incense and lilies, the Easter fire shining in the darkness, the music, the sound of a child laughing as she emerged from the waters of baptism. It was magical. 

This Holy Week will be very different. St. John’s will be streaming Holy Week services, and all are invited to download our Holy Week at Home guide , which offers ways to create sacred space and time at home, and suggestions for participating more deeply in the streamed services.

This Holy Week will be different, but God’s promises have not changed. We will still remember the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection together as a community. Our experience of these events might be quieter, gentler, less hectic. It might be harder to focus without being physically present in the church, without the aid of the usual sounds and smells and rituals of the week. But perhaps there will be a hidden blessing in this new way of celebrating. 

We enter into this story in order to meet and be transformed by God. Perhaps without the padding of our usual routines and distractions, God will even meet us in a new way. 

Right now, the world desperately needs people who have met and been transformed by the love of God. I invite you to walk the way of the cross and resurrection with us this week so that we might encounter the love of God and be transformed by it.

Yours in the-soon-to-be-risen Christ,

Rev. Ginger

P.S. Our church was mentioned in Wednesday's Marin IJ. Click here to read.
The Rev. Ginger Strickland, Associate Priest
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Funding Our Spiritual Home
2020 Annual Fund Our faith community is needed now more than ever. Please support our work to witness God's hope and love in people's lives during this hardship. Meeting our Annual Fund goal allows us to continue connecting with each other and God in new ways even as we shelter at home. To reach our Annual Fund goal we must raise an additional $245,941.
Holy Week Online Worship
Holy Week at Home Guide This HWH booklet will help you in creating sacred space at home, in gathering a “kit” for participating in our streamed worship services, and in reflecting on the themes of each day. To download, click here .

  • 6:30pm Online Service: Click here to stream. (There is no morning prayer on Maundy Thursday.)

  • Noon Service: Click here to stream.
  • 6:30pm Service led by the Confirmation Class: Please bring a pen and a blank piece of paper. Join by Zoom here.

  • 6:30pm Easter Vigil Service: Click here to stream. 

  • 9am Family Service Click here to join us at 9am for a live-streamed family service with a story and prayer for all ages.
  • 10am Worship Service: Click here to join us at 10am at our homepage for a live-streamed service with music and sermon.
  • Coffee Hour: Wear your Easter hat to join us for a Zoom coffee hour after the 10am service - just click here.

Praying Together Online Zoom is a fun, easy-to-use way to meet online. Follow the directions found here to download the program any time before a gathering. You only have to do these steps once. If you aren't comfortable with technology, please don't be intimidated. Just email parishioner Mike Kowalczyk, and he'll be in touch to walk you through the process by phone and answer any questions that you have.

In lieu of Easter alter flowers, the St. John's Altar Guild will be giving a financial donation to those in our community who are suffering the economic effects of COVID-19.
St. John's Cares
Click the big red “COVID19 Response” button on our home page or click here to learn more about how St. John’s is responding to coronavirus and how to help.

Do you have a prayer request that you’d like to be shared (anonymously or with your name) on Sunday? How about a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion of thanksgiving to celebrate? Click here to share this request. You can join in praying for the needs and concerns of our congregation by viewing our online Prayer List .
Spiritual Practices Parents Can Teach Their Kids During This Challenging Time
  • Connect with Faith Community – stay in touch with people of faith for encouragement and comfort. Care Calls will be made to children attending Sunday School and is open to those who are interested. Email Sandra Pathik, Director of Children's Ministry if you would like a call for your children to check in and pray for them over the phone.
  • Prayer and Scripture – There is comfort that comes from God alone through prayer and scripture.It’s a good time to let your children memorize the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23. Reward them after. Click here for compiled information on how to teach prayer and scripture to your kids.
  • Baking & art activities and listen to a Bible story with Sunday School teacher Suzanne Egan. These are great family activities you can do at home: Make Praying Pretzels or Art Project.
Our weekly Children's Ministry email will continue with links and attachments for kids’ printable activities, lesson in videos and songs to learn. Email Sandra Pathik , Children’s Ministry Director if you want to receive the email.
Youth & Pizza Club
Happy Holy Week: congrats to Ginger on being featured in the  Marin IJ . I also want to humbly brag about my wife, Krista, who was featured on Sunday's 10PM news on  channel 4 .

There will be no classes or check-ins this week as we gear up for Holy Week starting on Thursday. Please consider joining us for our Confirmation Youth Good Friday service. Details are below:

  • our Confirmation Class is hosting a virtual Good Friday Service (4/10) @ 630PM. We'll be doing art, music, and have some reflection on what Good Friday means in the crazy time. The conversations putting this together have been fantastic and I really look forward to sharing our work with you.

FRIDAY (4/10)
630PM Confirmation Class leads Good Friday Service
  • Please consider joining us for this wonderful service of creativity as we explore finding light in our collective darkness.
  • Zoom Link:

SUNDAY   (4/12)
  • No Class this Sunday, have a Happy Easter!

5PM Junior High  Check-in / we'll chat, play games, and close in prayer.

8PM Junior High  Check-in / we'll chat, play games, and close in prayer.
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