Volume 4 | August 23, 2017
C-FIRE: The Courage to lead by empowering the Freedom to perform, based on mission Integrity and effective Relationships produces Excellence.
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We are making a difference in the human factors that lead to improved health system performance.
Briefing on the Wellbeing of Health Care Professionals
Burnout harms health care professionals, their families, their patients, as well as organizational performance and morale. Over a hundred studies have documented the high prevalence of burnout among health care professionals and identified some of the likely contributors. We have a diagnosis...but how can burnout be averted or treated at different stages? What, in short, can we do?
For the past decade, Richard J. Bogue, PhD, FACHE, has been plotting the course using evidence and the experiences of physicians in many health systems. He led development of a measure of health professional wellbeing with the Coalition for Physician Wellbeing. Richard has since been helping health systems to systematically start making a difference.

On July 14, he attended the National Academy of Medicine's first public meeting for establishing clinician wellbeing as a national priority. Here in 10 minutes he summarizes the event and lays out his Big Three Challenges to the field.

GEMS Nursing Shared Governance
Empowered workers perform better. This principle is strongly endorsed by the ANCC's Magnet Recognition Program and demonstrated in many successful organizations. We spent eight years in a series of studies to develop, test and formalize a systematic approach to nursing shared governance.
In February of 2016, the Courageous founders, Lindell Joseph, PhD, RN & Richard J. Bogue, PhD, FACHE, published "A Theory-Based Approach to Nursing Shared Governance" in Nursing Outlook. We review six developmental students to lay out the first theory-based approach to nursing shared governance: GEMS. We can help you standardize, acculturate and continually improve the team and the leadership competencies that foster effective empowerment.

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